Saturn Enters Pisces in March 2023 — What Does This Mean?

Sorry to say that out of all the planetary transits, Saturn is the most difficult one to deal with. Saturn transits happen every two to three years, which makes them quite more significant than other planetary transits such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars. As an outer planet, Saturn tends to have more of an impact on society as a whole, rather than strike our personal lives — but certainly still has power to do both.

Saturn in Aquarius

So, let’s take a look at Saturn’s prior transit. Saturn first moved into Aquarius on March 21, 2020. The whole world remembers March 2020 as the point of history in which the coronavirus pandemic took ahold. In the USA, it was the time that lockdown was first enforced.

Saturn went into retrograde and slid back into Capricorn from July to December 2020, but then remained in Aquarius until March 2023. This gave us slight relief from the impacts of Aquarius.

It is very on-the-nose, knowing what we know today, to look back and see that Saturn was specifically in Aquarius at this time. Saturn is the planet of restriction, meaning that everything is touches, it limits. And Aquarius is the zodiac sign of community, connection, and friendship. The result of Saturn moving into Aquarius led to social distancing, face-masking, closing down of communities, and overall disconnection of humankind.

Aquarius is also the sign of technology, research, and medicine. Much to blame about the spread of covid was the lack of information on this virus, as well as the lack of biotechnology for defense. While Saturn retrograded back into Capricorn, the vaccine was being developed. It is shocking to look back and see that the first covid vaccine was officially released on December 15th, 2020 — exactly two days before Saturn moved back into Aquarius.

And the last point is that Aquarius relates to wish fulfillment, hopefulness, and faith in the future. Saturn in Aquarius took all of that away from us. It removed our ability to see the future or imagine that things could ever get better. Many people thought it was the end of the world.

Saturn in Pisces

This next transit will be nothing like the pandemic, because this is a completely different zodiac sign. Pisces is the sign of solitude and isolation. For Saturn to put a limitation on this energy, it could be imagined that Saturn in Pisces will not only end the social seclusion of 2020 to 2023, but will actively force us to come together as a community and lean on one another. While lockdown ended a long time ago for some countries, and still lingers on for others, Saturn in Pisces may thrust us into human connectivity like never before.

And that’s the positive spin on it — that this Saturn transit will relieve us from disconnection and unite us as a society. However, it would be foolish to claim that this transit will be easy, because it won’t — this is Saturn that we are talking about, and Saturn does not do “easy.” It demands hard work before an award is earned.

Having said that — Pisces is arguably a more ideal sign for Saturn to be in, because the energy of Pisces is exact opposite to Saturn. Pisces is very much go-with-the-flow and easy fortune. This intense contrast may balance out the energy so that the affects of Saturn are felt much less harshly. I also say that Saturn in Aquarius was extra strenuous because Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, causing the energy to become amplified.

Worst case scenario is the outbreak of major war. Pisces brings peace and understanding — so the lack of that can easily lead to destructive conflict. It is also a spiritual sign, which means that we could see the prioritization of materialism and consumerism over mysticism.

Saturn will be in Pisces from March 7th, 2023 to approximately March 29th, 2025. The last time Saturn was in Pisces was from roughly 1993 to 1996. If you were born between those years (like me) — calculate your birth chart to confirm — this may be your first Saturn return. And those born in the 1960s or 1930s may be experiencing their second or third Saturn return.

How this will affect you personally

ARIES: You may struggle to find any space and alone time, with more people demanding your attention than usual. And vice versa, you will need more help from others than you are typically comfortable to admitting to. The ending of a chapter in your life may take center focus for the next two years. There could be a spiritual blockage, as you will feel less inclined to pray and meditate, but you can find more spiritual connection through interaction with the material world.

TAURUS: There is limitation happening within your community. You may decide to quit or leave behind a team or service that you’ve been involved in. Your friendship circle may tighten into something much smaller. You may have more trouble relating to your friends, or relating to others in general. Set plans that you’ve pictured for the future are bound to deeply shift.

GEMINI: This transit is affecting your work and career. You may struggle to move up, climb up the latter, and receive any promotions for the next two years. You are being forced to put in extra energy at work, but you will not be properly compensated for it right away. Be patient with yourself when it comes to this, and do not expect overnight success — although longterm success is definitely likely. This is not the best time for networking, but for building up your portfolio in quiet.

CANCER: The next two years are not the best time for travel. You are likely to experience many setbacks if you use this period to go on vacations. If you’re in school, you may find that you have to work harder in order to achieve, or there could be some delays on your educational path. Do not rush yourself when it comes to learning new skills.

LEO: There is some limitation regarding your sense of intimacy. You may feel more distant from your partner or loved ones within this period. You could find blockages when it comes to fully opening yourself up. Secrets that you are no longer able to hide will be coming out. This placement is testing your honesty.

VIRGO: If you are in a serious relationship, then Saturn is directly affecting this partnership. You’re being called to put more work into your relationship, as your commitment is being tested. Depending on how much energy you are willing to put in, this could make or break your connection to one another. And for singles, this may refer to your close friendships or a business partner.

LIBRA: This transit brings attention to your health. The universe urges you to put more effort into your daily rituals to establish better self-care. There may be a health issue that pops up and places limitation into your life. You will have to work twice as hard to keep your body nourished and in shape. But all of this hard effort can ultimately lead to a huge boost for your wellness.

SCORPIO: Your relationship with children is being affected. If you have kids, you could find that they are limiting many other areas of your life and requiring extra attention and care. Those who are looking to conceive within these two years may face some setbacks at first. Creative projects will require more hard work and patience.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn is targeting your home and family. You could be downsizing your place of living, moving somewhere smaller, or leaving behind roommates. You’re being called to spend more time and energy with family members. There could be a strain between you and your family unless you make the space to prioritize them.

CAPRICORN: You could see a downsize happening in your neighborhood; possibly local shops closing down or neighbors moving away. There’s going to be some communication blockages and you will possibly lose touch with some acquaintances. You will have to work a little harder to get your point across and feel understood by others.

AQUARIUS: There may be some financial issues. Getting rid of old items and unnecessary junk at this time will be very healing for you. Saturn is teaching you how to get by on less. Take time to fully think through all of your financial decisions during this period or else you may end up putting your money towards something you’ll seriously regret.

PISCES: You are being called to surrender your ego as your sense of identity is being directly affected. You could feel a sense of losing yourself and feeling disconnected from your purpose in life. You may have to take a step back and put someone else in your life on the forefront, above your own, personal desires.


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