Weekly Horoscope: March 13-19, 2023

This is the last week of Pisces season, which means it’s the last week of the zodiac cycle. Next week marks a brand new chapter for the collective whole. So, this week should be focused on wrapping things up, finishing old projects, and cutting cords. This is not the week to jumpstart something new — push it off for one more week when the time is ripe!

This week is sure to be a delightful one, especially towards the end, as Venus transits into Aries on Thursday. It’s time for a renewal within your partnership and relationships. This is the time for taking action in your love life or friendship circle. Doing something active, like playing a sport or going out dancing, with loved ones is ideal!

And then on Saturday, Mercury transits into Aries. This means that a very important conversation could take place around this weekend. Benefit the most out of this energy by speaking up, saying what you need to say, and also keeping your ears open.

By this weekend, you’ll feel ready to try something new and embark on a different path. It’s time to start thinking about what goals you’d like to reach, what you would like to put energy into, and where you want this next chapter of your life to take you. The following week, you’ll begin to put this into motion.


You may have been feeling a bit “blah” these past couple weeks, but your energy is about to pick back up again. There is a fresh renewal within your partnership and friendships. Your voice is being heard and people are really paying attention to you. Think hard about your sense of identity and how you choose to display this to the world.


You may feel your energy slowing down a little this week. It’s time to breathe out and take a pause. Is there a deep conversation that needs to happen between you and a loved one? Speaking up to someone about your inner feelings will do more justice than bottling it all up.


This is a great week for embracing your community. Spending time with friends and having a social gathering this weekend is ideal! You can also use your voice for a very healing and psychologically beneficial conversation with someone.


There is a major focus happening on your career. You’re finding a lot of joy at your job. Banter with coworkers is very delightful. A meeting or conversation with your boss towards the end of the week could lead to new paths opening up within your career ladder.


This is an awesome week for travel or making plans to go on vacation soon. It’s also great for studying something you’re passionate about. Those who are coupled up could find their relationship going through tremendous growth and reaching new heights.


This is going to be an intense week for you — hopefully in the best way possible! A transformation needs to happen within your partnership or the general relationship you have with others, if you want to avoid a roadblock. An intimate and private conversation could take place between you and someone close this weekend.


This is likely to be a very positive week for you. Those who are coupled up will find that their partnership takes the spotlight in these next several days. Your partner is feeling very committed to you and wants to make that known. You may be signing a contract around this time that is sure to bring a lot of joy and excitement.


Taking extra care of your health will feel natural to you this week. You’re feeling passionate about your self-care rituals, as well as inspired to share your wellness tips with the world. Your eye is paying more attention to this details this week, so it’s a good time for reviewing, analyzing, and catching little things that are easily missed.


This week, you’re feeling very playful and eager to take risks. If you’re around children, they seem to be really clicking with you right now. You and a love interest could have a very spicy and fiery time together, heading towards the weekend.


Extra attention is placed on your home and family this week. Instead of going out and socializing, you’ll have a far better time sitting at home and cozying up your space. You and a family member, or your whole family, can have a great bonding experience nearing the end of the week.


This is an excellent week for socializing. You could be having a lot of interesting conversations with all different types of people. Engaging in hobbies, especially group activities, is ideal! You could be feeling quite scattered this week — remember that spreading yourself thin is fine, as long as you understand that you don’t need to conquer it all.


This week could definitely bring you a lot of fortune. Someone may bring you a lavish gift, or you could get a bonus paycheck at work. There is a lot of pleasure around material goods. Going on a shopping spree or indulging in stuff that you’ve recently purchased will make you very happy!


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