30-day challenges

30 day challenge | day 3 | what are your greatest flaws?

SATURN: What are your greatest flaws?

Saturn (Roman) or Kronos (Greek) is the god of time and karma. He represents restrictions and limitations. He invokes hard work that does not immediately pay off.

One of my flaws is that I don’t speak up when I should and I struggle to stand up for myself. When I try to defend myself I often think too hard about the opposing perspective. I take a lot of the blame for things that are not completely my fault. Usually before I can get the nerve to speak up for myself, I convince myself that I am the one to blame.

Another flaw is my social anxiety. I’m always really nervous about bothering people, being annoying, or being a burden. I’m extremely sensitive to people’s moods so if I talk to someone who is in a bad mood it really gets to me. A lot of times when I talk to people I can feel them zoning out, not fully listening, and not really paying attention to what I’m saying. So I convince myself that nobody cares about what I have to say.

Also, I can have a lot of trust and jealousy issues sometimes. I can be very insecure in relationships/friendships and doubt that anybody genuinely likes me or wants good things for me. I can also be very guarded and secretive, I hesitate to tell people what I’m truly thinking, I hide a lot of things just for the fear of being judged.

And there are many things about my appearance that I dislike. I won’t go into too much detail over that. But I struggle to like my body, my face, my hair, and so forth.

Finally, I do not speak on behalf of all women, but personally I feel that women have to deal with more flaws. We are more tired, more hungry, more emotionally sensitive and vulnerable than men. And we have periods (and sometimes pregnancy.) Sometimes I feel like being a woman is an invisible handicap in which we face more struggles but are expected to keep up with men.

Nobody is perfect and I feel that our flaws are ultimately what make us beautiful. The world would be such a boring place if we were all alike. Being aware of your flaws gives it less power.


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