30-day challenges

30 day challenge | day 4 | what do you love about yourself?

30 day challenge

Day 4: [VENUS] What do you love about yourself?

Venus (in Roman) or Aphrodite (Greek) is the goddess of love, pleasure, and beauty.

I love my softness and femininity. And I think we live in a world that considers that a flaw but I really don’t. And I think I spent a lot of my life wishing that I didn’t appear so delicate and trying to find ways to harden myself and come off as tougher than I am. But now I try to embrace it.

I love my positivity and enthusiasm. Seeing the best in everything really makes life easier. And feeling passionate and motivated to do things makes them more enjoyable to do. I love how I can make the most boring and dull situations seem fun and adventurous.

I love that I am always seeking to reach for more and continue challenging myself. I love that I am always questioning, digging deeper, and never completely satisfied until I know more. I really do have a lot of curiosity, wonder, and thirst for knowledge.


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