30-day challenges

30 day challenge | day 7 | what spirituality means to you?

DAY 7: DIONYSUS: What spirituality means to you?

Dionysus is commonly known as the god of wine, but his story goes much deeper than that. He is said to be the inventor of religion. He is associated with drunkenness and altered states, not for recreational purposes, but with the intention of connecting to the spiritual world.

Spirituality is going beyond the self and beyond the material world. It means acknowledging that there is more than what’s in front of us and more than meets the eye. That there was something before us and there will be something after us. That you were something before this life and you will be something after this life. That the past and the future are one and the same. That nothing can be truly measured. That life is a never-ending cycle within a series of cycles. That there is an energy and a force that goes beyond the power of our minds and the power of our bodies. That there is a world outside of your world, and there are also many worlds within your own world. That everyone and everything has consciousness, thoughts, and feelings to varying complexities. That there is so much more happening beyond our severely limited awareness. That you are never alone. That there are signs and messages wherever you go, but you choose if you are ready/willing to see them or not. That we are all connected because the separation is an illusion. That life itself is an illusion, albeit an extremely intense illusion. That there is no such thing as a social hierarchy. That we are all pretending to be in control and we all expect others to be in control at all times. That your ego is your own worst enemy. It means having trust and faith. It means being your authentic self.


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