30-day challenges

30 day challenge | day 8 | confess a secret

Persephone: confess a secret

Persephone is queen of the Underworld who spends half of the year with Hades, and the other half back here on earth with her mother Demeter. She lives a double life because she is connected to death but also connected to rebirth and spring.

I will spill a few secrets…

I enjoy gossiping and spilling the tea, but I do think there is a difference between innocent gossip verses malicious gossip. It’s natural and also interesting to analyze other people with your friends, take a look at their actions, try to figure out what they’re thinking and how they function. I think there’s nothing wrong with being analytical and observational of others. That’s what makes us human. I only dislike it when it reaches the point of someone trying to intentionally critique someone unfairly or talk about them with a very closed mind.

Sometimes on the weekend I like to go for a mindless drive. I like to drive up and down a highway nearby me just because it brings comfort because I have a lot of memories going down this highway over the past ten years. It’s not even a scenic route. I’ll just drive down it and then u-turn and then go back home. I feel guilty for wasting gas and pollution. I try not to do it as much lately but I used to do this a lot during the pandemic.

And speaking of guilt; I tend to feel guilty for almost everything almost all of the time. Sometimes it is my fault, but often I feel guilty for no reason, or for things totally beyond my control.

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