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Seven year anniversary on WordPress: Seven articles that stand out

It’s my seven year anniversary on WordPress! Woohoo! To celebrate, I’m going to share seven articles I’ve written on this blog that are special to me. This is in no particular order, and not necessary my all time favorites, but the ones that stand out to me!

25 Darkest & Saddest Lana Del Rey songs

This is the article that made my blog viral. I had no idea, when I wrote this, that it would bring in so many views — mainly through Google searches! Lana Del Rey has quite a large and loyal fan base! This is the article that sparked several other articles in which I rank LDR songs or dissect their meanings — and those have also been very popular but not nearly as popular as this one. Turns out her fan base is mainly dark and sad (in a good way!)

30 day writers challenge “know thyself”

This is the first 30 day writing challenge I did! It was October 2017. At the time, I was not very consistent with doing the challenge every day — it actually took me about four months to finish!!! It’s been a while since I’ve done a 30 day challenge up until this month. So far, I’m killing it. It shows that I am much more consistent and dedicated to blogging compared to over five years ago! I remember a lot of people telling me that they really liked the 30 day challenge.

“Cleopatra the Great” One-hundred Facts + Personal Experience

This is probably my longest and most thoroughly researched article. Much of it came from the biography “Cleopatra the Great” but there was also a lot that came from my prior knowledge doing years of research on Cleopatra. It was a little difficult to write the beginning part in which I explain why I feel a personal connection to her. I’m super proud of this post and how much work I put into it!

Women in the Ancient Greek World

I’m also really proud of this article for similar reasons as to how much I had to research. It’s a topic that I was feeling genuinely curious about but also felt like there was little information out there on it. This article has not received many views but I feel very good about it and all of the info I was able to share. History tends to focus on men and tells us very little about the women’s perspective.

The Cathars: Christians who believe in Reincarnation, Dualism, and Ascetic Salvation

Yet again, I am proud of this article because of the research that I put into it. This was super fascinating to learn about and then write about! I knew it was controversial and I even received a few hateful comments (that I deleted) because some people are really just that close-minded.

A day in the town

This is a personal post about my mom and dad visiting me in d-town! I had such a fun time that day and it’s a really awesome memory. It was absolutely wild because we went to a bookshop and I entered my name in a raffle and ended up winning a kindle fire!!! How crazy!!! We also went to a small museum and I remember that statue from the last photo really spoke to me.

Murder scene

This is a Halloween poem! I used to write poems on this blog but then I moved them over to My favorites are the Halloween poems. I tried to make them scary but they definitely just came off as cheesy which is fine. But this poem is extra spooky, because I remember the day after I posted it, there was warning tape at work (I think something broke so they were blocking off the area) and it was just like the warning tape in the poem photo!


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