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Caturday ~ Male vs. Female

Before adopting a cat, it’s important to know if you’d rather have a male or female kitty companion. There are some differences to consider…

Male Cat:

  • Males will always be larger in size.
  • More muscular.
  • Tend to roam more and wander further (especially if outdoor cat).
  • Will bond better with females.
  • Typically friendlier and more outgoing, although this varies.
  • More affectionate and cuddly with their owners.
  • May display territorial behavior by spraying.

Female cat:

  • Females are smaller in size.
  • Less likely to wander, and will stay close to home if let outside.
  • Will bond better with males.
  • Typically a greater need for attention, or more likely to ask for attention.
  • Generally more reserved and independent.
  • Strong maternal instincts.
  • Also territorial, though more likely to show it by rubbing their bodies to mark their scent.

Neutering/spaying your cat plays an important factor — an un-neutered male is going to be much more aggressive and territorial due to higher levels of testosterone, for example.

“Male vs. female” is simply one factor to think about when determining what type of cat is best for you. It’s also vital to consider breed, age, genetics, and their unique personality traits.


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