cats & critters

Caturday ~ Cat lady fashion

Think what you want about cat ladies, but you can’t deny that we have the best sense of style. Cat lady fashion is a type of cuteness exclusive to those who adore the felines and are proud to show it. Cats are the ultimate source of high fashion… where do you think the term “catwalk” came from? And what about “cat eyes” — cats were the first creatures to sport eyeliner!

White denim overalls, $35.90 at Modakowa.

Black stockings, $12.90 at Modakawa.

Zipper hoodie, $24.99 at Cat Lady Box.

Platform heels, $26.60 at Dolls Kill.

Reversible Dad Trucker Jacket, $168 at Dolls Kill.

Dress, $40 at Dolls Kill.

Logo tee-shirt, $25 at Alien Outfitters.

Sweatshirt, $38 at Wicked Clothes.

Socks, $9.99 at Amazon.


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