I only ate PINK foods for 24 hours!

There is a challenge floating around (I’m not taking credit) to pick a color and only eat that colored food for the entire day. I chose pink!

For breaky, I consumed a creamy strawberry instant breakfast. I typically start my morning with this anyway (sometimes vanilla flavor.) So this was pretty easy.

For a morning snack (because I can’t wait til lunch!) I had a fruit bar with only red fruit. Yummy!

I packed for lunch: V8 strawberry energy drink, raspberry yogurt, berry/applesauce, and PBJ with strawberry jelly. This is kind of a typical lunch for me, usually just different flavors. I know, the PBJ is technically white/wheat on the outside but work with me here.

For a snack, I had strawberries & cream oatmeal. Unfortunately it wasn’t as pink as I’d thought.

Dinner was tricky. I had pasta with a teeny drop of pink food dye which didn’t mix well (maybe not the best idea.) Along with that: butter, ground red pepper, basil, turmeric, and nutritional yeast. Spicy!

And lastly, for dessert, I made a strawberry banana smoothie with milk, some water, vanilla protein powder, and coconut flakes on top! Soooo delicious!

I think I was pretty successful! Pink is a tasty color! 🙂