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Caturday ~ 10 cat toys actually worth investing in

Many people spend loads of money on fancy cat toys, just to find their cats preferring to play with shopping bags and paper towel rolls. Is it even worth it?

Cats are smart creatures which makes them easily prone to boredom, so it’s definitely worth it. Otherwise, your unentertained cat may end up stirring trouble by knocking things over or getting into places it doesn’t belong. You just don’t want to waste your money on the wrong type of thing.

Often, pet stores hype up a product and trick you into wasting all of your dollars on something your cat won’t even touch. Now you’re regretful and your cat is still bored out of its mind!

How do you show your cat love while also avoiding buyer’s remorse? Don’t listen to the pet stores trying to suck all the money out of your pocket, pushing you to buy everything. Be a wise shopper and listen to real-life experience.

From my own personal experience, I can tell you which toys are worth spending the money on, that will keep your cat amused, stimulated, and happy!

**None of these products are sponsored of affiliated! Just my own honest opinion!**

Cat tunnel

Tunnels are something cats genuinely enjoy and will actually use frequently! They love to run through them, hide in them, or pounce out of them! My cat can’t get enough of this thing. No batteries or plug required, and not very expensive — typically ~$10 or less.

TIP: You can buy add-on tunnels and make an entire obstacle course!

Cat teepee

Similar to the cat tunnel, the cat teepee is a perfect place for cats to hide and carry out their hunting games. Even better if it comes with an attached string toy!

TIP: Use this to connect two cat tunnels together in an “L” shape.


Cats go crazy over lasers! They get so much exercise out of this, while you get to sit there the whole time. The best part? Only a couple bucks!

TIP: Never spend more than $5 on a laser! Some places will try to sell you “fancy” types of to $50 or so — not worth it!

Wand Teaser

Any type of wand teaser — a stick with a string that has some type of plushie/feather/ball/etc. attached to it — is a great way to play with your cat. Cats love jumping, hunting, and chasing after it.

TIP: When you aren’t using it, hang it somewhere and let the string dangle so your cat can still play with it by itself.

Scratching post

A scratching post is a MUST, especially if your cat is only indoors! Cats need their claws the same way humans need our entire fingers, but of course you don’t want your furniture getting destroyed. This is the perfect outlet for cats to safely scratch. Not only are they filing their nails, it also helps them ease anxiety or express excitement.

TIP: If you’re considering an entire cat tree, online prices are MUCH cheaper than in-store!


Playrings are super simple ways to entertain a cat. Something about their shape makes cats go crazy. The way they are designed makes them bounce around differently than a ball or other typical little trinket.

TIP: Scatter them around your house and let your cat randomly find them.

Scratch & Roll

My cat absolutely loves pawing at the ball, watching it spin in circles, and trying to catch it. The scratching post in the center is the perfect area for sprinkling catnip. This toy will be your cat’s new obsession!

TIP: Lots of catnip in the center!

Door hanging scratch pad

Cats like to scratch doors, especially when they are trying to get into the room — causing clearly marked damage. The best way to solve this problem is to get a hanging scratching post for the doorknob. Sometimes they also come with a ball that your cat can paw at.

TIP: Hang it on a door that your cat is always trying to get open.

Wubba Hugga (by KONG)

This unique octopus-like cat toy from Amazon is going to be your cat’s new favorite plushie. Fleece material, flexible “legs,” featuring a jingly bell at the head. Plus, it has catnip! Your cat will love chasing after it, chewing on it, and wrestling it.

TIP: Keep in its cat bed like a stuffed animal.


When it comes to trinkets, they are only worth it if: 1. your cat is young and playful (elders or more serious personalities are completely unamused by these) and 2. you buy in BULK! Otherwise, you will get robbed! Many pet stores will try to sell you one or two trinkets for up to $20, when instead you can have twenty trinkets for just $10!

TIP: The catnip-packed trinkets are best!

Let me know which toys I missed!


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