30-day challenges

30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (RED) day 2: list all the things you hate

  1. Discrimination of all kinds including racism, sexism, etc.
  2. Littering
  3. Greediness
  4. Closed minds
  5. Suppression
  6. Shame
  7. Frustration
  8. Over exhaustion
  9. Bugs
  10. Arrogance
  11. When a car cuts in front of you and then drives really slow.
  12. Sticklers
  13. Fake-ness
  14. Predictability
  15. Waiting in long lines.
  16. Driving at night in the pouring rain in an unfamiliar area.
  17. When the GPS tries to outsmart me.
  18. When people are unaware of their surroundings.
  19. CDs getting smudged or scratched so the songs skip.
  20. Gossip
  21. People who get so excited when there’s drama so they can have something to gossip about, but God forbid anyone say anything about them or it’s the end of the world… hypocrites!!!!!!
  22. Ignorance
  23. Feeling pressured or controlled.
  24. Nosiness
  25. Impatience
  26. Worrying
  27. Bad vibes
  28. Paranoia
  29. A lack of attention from someone I care for.
  30. Jealousy
  31. When people pity themselves.
  32. When people demonize someone.
  33. When people play victim and refuse responsibility.
  34. Only seeing one side of the story.
  35. Assumptions.
  36. Living in a consumer-based society.
  37. Worshipping technology.
  38. Attacking someone’s choices.
  39. Feeling too comfortable, too safe, unchallenged.
  40. People being rude to waiters/waitresses, clerks, salespeople, etc.
  41. Laziness
  42. Shallow thinking
  43. When people constantly say “sorry” for no reason.
  44. Public speaking
  45. Giving up too easily.
  46. Stomach aches
  47. People using fear-based tactics into getting what they want, such as scaring someone into doing something or giving an ultimatum or “warning” — rather than using love-based strategy such as being honest about one’s feelings and coming from a place of hope and understanding.
  48. When you have to ask someone if you can use the bathroom.
  49. Restriction
  50. Uptightness
  51. People who choose to complain instead of taking action.
  52. Disrespect
  53. Junk mail
  54. Washing dishes in the sink.
  55. Losing someone
  56. Death
  57. Disease
  58. That irrational fear when you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and worry monsters are going to chase you even though you’re like 25-years old and will probably never outgrow it.
  59. Wasting something.
  60. When socializing time is not balanced enough with alone time.
  61. Being ignored on purpose.
  62. Getting picked on.
  63. Letting myself down.
  64. Everything our culture values and worships — money, fame, competition, appearance, ego, etc.
  65. Hopelessness
  66. Everyone doing exactly what is expected of them.
  67. Those who refuse to color outside the lines.
  68. Not making health (both physical and mental) a priority.
  69. Ignoring spirituality
  70. Boredom
  71. Being normal
  72. Holding back
  73. Chocolate
  74. Spoiled brats
  75. Negative thinking
  76. Perfection
  77. Conformity
  78. Pollution
  79. Politics
  80. Carcinogens
  81. Being way too cold.
  82. The 1% using their riches for personal luxury and showing off, rather than constructively helping the poor & hungry.
  83. How we have become to accustomed to electricity, Internet, technology, etc. that we literally can no longer survive without it. The apocalypse will probably be just a really long blackout.
  84. How we stopped going to the moon after 1970 and we still have not been to Mars yet, it’s 2020.
  85. Common curriculum and state testing
  86. Majorly flawed educational system
  87. How fast-paced our society has become and continues to keep speeding up faster and faster.
  88. Paying bills
  89. Being too hard on someone and holding them to unrealistic standards.
  90. Disconnection with nature
  91. People getting too caught up in the little things, unable to step back and look at the big picture.
  92. People ignoring that fact that life is short and precious, and should be lived to the fullest.
  93. When people care too much what others think, rather than following their hearts.
  94. Bringing someone down due to your own insecurities.
  95. Not being able to take a break.
  96. Getting treated like a robot rather than a human being.
  97. Bad smells.
  98. Being too serious.
  99. Nails on a chalkboard.
  100. Trying to impress someone and then feeling like a fool.


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