The Five KEYS to unlocking your INTUITION!

Intuition is a part of you that is buried deep underneath, which knows and understands things that your conscious mind is not yet able to fully comprehend.

Your intuition is like a locked up box: it’s a mystery. If you want to discover your intuition, you must have the right “keys.”

“Keys” represent the internal tools required in order to discover, strengthen, and connect to your intuition.

There are five keys: mastering your logical left-brain, mastering your creative right-brain, remaining calm, opening up to receive, and trust.

It’s an obstacle course.

First, you must battle your brain.

The left side is stubbornly logical and demands facts! Interrogation.

The right side is delusional and wants you to fall down a rabbit hole! House of mirrors.

Next, comes the spinal cord: fight-or-flight response. Alarms ringing. But you have to remain calm.

And then you need to open yourself to what you believe you are ready to receive. So let go.

Finally, trust that you have unlocked the treasure chest and found your intuition, and there it is.

Key #1: Mastering logical left-brain

It feels like your intuition is at constant battle with your left brain. They seem like polar opposites.

While intuition relies on faith, logic relies on facts.

Whatever intuition tries to tell you, logic fights back with, “why?” or “how?” or “I need proof!”

While current western society praises logic as “a voice of reason” or “a reality check” or “a way of grounding yourself” — this is completely untrue! The irony is that “logic” is not so logical after all. In fact, it is completely counterproductive to your soul growth.

Logic & rationality makes us feel strong, secure, and in control. But these are COMPLETELY FALSE ILLUSIONS! For as long as you live, you will never be in total control — and is that really such a bad thing after all?

Logic & rationality is like a “safety blanket.” We use it protect ourselves from believing in things that may possibly be untrue — therefore causing pain and discomfort.

It does not protect you from anything! It only SHIELDS you from the truth!

And the truth is that pain is inevitable, and sometimes necessary, leading you to something so much greater.

But, listen — logic is not the enemy! Your left brain is always trying to pick a fight, but fighting against it is only going to give it more strength!

Instead, you need to WORK WITH your left brain in harmony, so that way you can MASTER IT!

When you feel yourself connecting with your intuition, but your logical left-sided brain comes out for battle — listen to it objectively. Do not immediately dismiss it and do not give into it completely either. Stand back, because it may have something important to say, however most likely it is overreacting and being paranoid.

Your logical left brain is like a stubborn child. Yes, it matters and deserves to be acknowledged — if you simply ignore it then it will grow stronger and angrier and try even harder to get your attention. But no, you should never take orders from it like its your boss.


When it says — “I need proof.”

You reply — “No, I don’t.” WRONG! You are battling with yourself.

You reply — “Well, this, this, and this has to mean that this…” WRONG! You are giving in.

You reply — “While it is understandable to seek proof in order to feel more secure, that does not necessarily mean that I cannot survive without it.” RIGHT! Intuition and logical left brain work together as one.

Key #2: Mastering creative right-brain

Intuition is opposed by the entire brain — even the creative right side!

The right side of your brain controls creativity, imagination, and all things related to art. It has no structure, order, or rules — it’s all over the place. Unlike the left brain, the right brain is chaotic and illogical.

This may get a little confusing… so stay with me… (the left brain is much more straight-forward.)

“Imagination” is a wonderful thing — but it can come from a place of INTUITION or FEAR… the challenge is KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE!

A perfect example is dreaming.

Our dreams are a place where we can freely explore our hopes and fears without being bound to the laws of physics.

Sometimes we have incredible dreams: fantasies come to life, speaking to deceased loved ones, even predicting future events! These are the types of dreams based on intuition.

Other times we have horrible nightmares: scary situations that could never actually happen, or things we are terrified of happening but never actually do. These are fear-based dreams.

You see, your right brain tries to “protect you” the same way your left brain does — by shielding you with lies.

Your right brain attempts to protect you by feeding your imagination and creativity with fear. Even more powerful than logic, it comes up with specific, detailed storylines full of evil villains and hidden agendas.

While the fear-based logical left brain is like a documentary about serial killers, the fear-based creative right brain is like an R-rated psychological thriller that received 100% on rotten tomatoes.

As important as imagination is, it can also take you to very negative places — only if you give into the fear. And so, you see how your creative right brain can fight against your intuition.

The way you deal with your right brain is the same way you deal with your left — listen objectively.


When it tells you a story that has no base in reality…

You ignore it. WRONG!

You believe it. WRONG!

You objectively examine what part of the storyline comes from fear verses faith. RIGHT!

Key #3: Remain calm

Now that you’ve unlocked both the left and right side of your brain, it’s time to face the spinal cord: source of the fight-or-flight response.

If you can detach yourself and rise above the trickeries of your brain, you have already connected yourself to your intuition.

But you can still sabotage yourself by giving into the fear.

You have removed the “protective” layers that your brain has tried to feed you — overthinking and delusions.

Now you are open to the information inside of you that you have previously hid from yourself. This state makes you extremely vulnerable to fear.

When you are closest to breaking away from fear, is when fear will become most desperate to hold onto you.

You could start to see things you thought you were prepared for, but now… you’re not so sure…

Now doubts come in.

Alarms ring loudly, signaling you to RESIST!!!

But DO NOT LISTEN… this is your fight-or-flight response.

This is “fear” screaming, “I’M LOSING YOU!!! COME BACK!!!”

Do not run.

Do not react.

Just breathe.

And continue moving forward.

Key #4: Be open to receive

When you calm yourself down and relax, you open up, and then you receive.

Let go of control.

If you want to see things that you block from yourself, you must remove those blockages by opening up.

You must be willing to accept everything.

The best way to do this is to meditate — by quieting your mind and just listening.

Conscious thoughts will come, and you let them go.

Just let your mind see or hear what it needs.

If you keep on talking in your head, there is no space for listening.

If you were talking to a person who came off as extremely judgmental, would you tell them everything? Or would you filter yourself?

The same way, you must signal to your intuition that you are ready for whatever is headed your way. No judgment, no resistance, no control.

Key #5: Trust

The final key to fully unlocking your intuition is to trust that you already have.

And just like that, you are there.

You no longer hide things from yourself — especially the things that bring you joy.

You no longer use fear-based tactics to protect yourself, because you understand that all that does is shield you from truth.

You are balanced — steady and unshakable.

You are both calm and awake.

You have clarity and focus.

You believe in yourself.

You know.


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