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Caturday ~ Thirteen reasons to have a cat

Cats are one of the best animals you can own as a pet. If you disagree, the following reasons will have you convinced!

1. They are adorable – Everyone can agree that cats are cute. Just imagine a litter of kittens in a basket… Awww!

2. They’re crazy – Cats do the weirdest things sometimes, and that’s why we love them. They are spaz-tic and unpredictable.

3. The #1 famous animals on the Internet – No one can resist a funny cat meme or a series of bizarre clips.

4. Their fur – which is super soft and covers their entire body. There is nothing like snuggling with a mush of fur.

5. They’re independent – which also means they’re easier to take care of.

6. You can let them roam free – speaking of easy to take care of, you don’t have to lock cats in a cages to make sure they don’t run away or get lost. Cats are really smart and know how to find their way back home.

7. Tail communication – it’s easy to pick up on what a cat is feeling just by looking at the tail. Ex: straight up means content and alert, slowly wagging means nervous, wrapped around body means relaxed, etc. You get to play telepathy with your pet.

8. They’re neat freaks – Cats love being clean. They are constantly cleaning themselves, no need to give them baths. They are easily litter trained and (most of them) they keep their litter boxes tidy. Although all pets require cleaning, cats require a minimal amount.

9. They’re comforting – Petting a cat, or even simply having the presence of a cat in the room, is a calming experience. Some say their mysterious purrs have magical healing abilities.

10. They’re quiet – No loud barking or squealing to deal with. While some cats are more vocal than others, most of them are fairly quiet.

11. Natural pest control – Cats keep mice and other unwanted rodents away

12. They’re mysterious – There are a lot of things we don’t know about the common house cat. For example, we can’t explain the purpose of purring.

13. They might even be aliens – In fact, cats are so mysterious that they could actually be ancient aliens. They even have the classic “alien look” that we think of with the up-slanted eyes and the shape of their heads.


17 thoughts on “Caturday ~ Thirteen reasons to have a cat

    1. Yes!!! In fact cats and dogs actually communicate with their tails more similarly than people realize! For example, a fast moving tail represents excitement for both animals — it’s just that for cats, it has more to do with anxiety, also, an excited cat likes to play by scratching and swatting which may come off as “angry” when really they are being playful or possibly feeling overstimulated/overwhelmed… Tail language is quite complex, just like human language! ☺️😺💕

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