I consulted multiple psychics about my future — “When will I have children?”

Lately I am thinking a lot about my future and the next stage of my life. Specifically, I’m wondering about pregnancy and children. I decided I would reach out to multiple psychics to see what insight I could get.


Prior experience with psychics: I have always been one to check free readings online or in magazines, but limited experience receiving a personalized reading from a paid psychic. I had my palm read at age 18, which was interesting. I purchased a “goddess reading” through Etsy when I was 22, requesting a personal message from goddess Isis, which I found enlightening. And then just a few months back, I paid a decent amount for a numerology reading and similarly, the results were exciting.

At 26, I’m very curious about marriage and children, if it’s something that will ever happen for me — if so, when? How? What will it be like? According to my numerology report, basically, I was advised to avoid marriage/children during years 2022, ’24, and ’26. And that 2028, at age 33, will bring a brand new beginning for me, whether it be marriage or children or something completely else.

So now I’m turning to other psychics to see what they have to say about my future. I used Etsy to find independent readers, all of them specializing in pregnancy & children predictions. I wanted to consult multiple, rather than just one, to get more of a bigger picture about my future. I thought it would be interesting to compare the results and look for any similarities or differences. Not to imply a lack of trust, but knowing that each reader has their own unique style. I want to respect their privacy so I won’t list specific names or titles.

1. Quickie reading

My first reading was the cheapest and came back in less than 24 hours after purchase. I was asked to provide my date/time/place of birth. The reading was very quick and to the point, less than three paragraphs.

  • The first thing they emphasized is that I should not listen to advice from friends when it comes to kids and pregnancy. Instead I should really trust my own feelings.
  • They said there’s chances I’ll have children later in life, “not at 50,” but later than others.
    • Not sure if that meant I won’t start having kids until I’m older, or that I will continue having kids throughout older age.
  • No problems regarding pregnancy.
  • My children will be huge talkers, or communication will be a very important aspect. I will be striving to teach them as much information as possible.
  • The best time to get pregnant/have kids is from the end of 2023 to the spring of 2025.
    • So I would be 28/about to turn 29, to 30.

Overall I’m content with the price I paid, but definitely curious for more, some of my questions were answered but still some wondering.

2. Vedic astrology

Next is a Vedic astrologist — so in the western world, we use “tropical astrology” but in India they use “Vedic/sidereal astrology” which is slightly different, based on the ancient Hindu Vedic texts. In tropical astrology, the planets are fixed; but in Vedic astrology, the planets are constantly shifting. So normally I am a scorpio sun and sagittarius rising, but according to Vedic astrology I’m a libra sun and scorpio rising. There’s argument over which technique is more accurate, but from what I’ve heard, it seems that tropical astrology is better at interpreting personality traits while Vedic is better at predicting future events.

It was received in less than a week. I gave my date/time/place of birth. This reading was the most expensive. It was a few pages long.

  • According to Vedic, I am a libra sun and scorpio rising, showing a tendency towards spirituality, renouncing of things, but limitations in certain areas of life.
  • Children will surely be an important part of my life and at least one will happen.
  • My first child will be very knowledgable and spiritual, will possibly be my teacher and bring changes in my belief system, and will most likely be male. It will be a successful pregnancy.
  • My second child will be a difficult pregnancy or possibly an adoption. Most likely it will be female. I am recommended to use Vedic yagya to ease the challenge of this pregnancy.
  • Third to fifth pregnancies could also be afflicting, yet sixth may be completed.
  • I am very fertile according to my Saptamsa chart, but highly recommended to use Vedic yagya to work through any pregnancy difficulties.
  • Specific dates I am most likely to have children/get pregnant:
    • December 2021
    • May-August 2022
    • December 2022-February 2023
    • March-June 2023
    • Also October 2027-May 2030
      • Especially months October 2027-January 2028
      • July-November 2028
      • August-December 2029.
    • So ages 27-28, and 32-36

I’m fairly pleased with this reading. I would’ve liked more details, but I’m very happy about receiving such specific dates. Never heard of Vedic yagya before! I guess I should look into that…?

3. Freestyle audio

While awaiting my last astrology reading, which was taking weeks to hear back from, I impatiently went ahead and consulted another psychic. This was received in less than an hour! The psychic sent me an audio recording, instead of written report, and it was about five minutes long. Rather than examining my birth chart, she focused completely on her intuition and spoke the messages as they came to her. I sent her my name, my date of birth, and a photo of myself (the one of me standing in my apartment and holding an ankh.)

I feel like it was fate that the other reading was taking so long to hear back from, otherwise I wouldn’t have done this one. Surprisingly, I really liked an audio reading because it felt more personal, hearing her speak to me directly. And I also like how she went with her feelings, instead of birth chart analyzation.

  • I’m an empath, psychic, medium, with strong spiritual abilities.
  • There’s a lot of ghosts in my home, she can see them there in the photo standing next to me, and that spirits follow me wherever I go.
  • She feels like I want to become a mom so badly that I could even be pregnant right now (not possible!) and if not then the pregnancy energy is there very strongly — caring, nurturing, protective energy.
  • 3 in total.
  • She heard “a boy and then twins” and that she kept hearing “twins” which may just mean two boys and not necessarily twins.
  • 2 sons and a girl.
  • The children are 1 year apart, 3 years apart, 5 years apart.
  • Within the frame of 5 years I will have 3.
  • She said I can still change my fate, like less kids if I get my tubes tied, more kids if I decide to keep going.
  • Very possible 4th child later in life, like late 30s or my 40s.

I enjoyed this reading a lot, something about it felt very personal. The ghost part was really funny, she was even laughing as she said it but also sounded kind of shocked. I seriously do think I have a lot of spirits following me.

4. Western astrology

Shifting back to western/tropical astrology — finally, a whole three-and-a-half weeks later, my last reading was sent to me! I provided my date/time/place of birth. It was about one page long.

  • They focused on my fifth house, which is the sign of Aries and has the moon placed within it. This suggests I will have 1-2 children.
  • My children will most likely have a combination of Aries and Cancer energy.
  • My children will be very energetic, emotional, and have a desire for close family bonds.
  • A stable environment will be very important for them, which is why I should be emotionally and materially ready before committing to having children.
  • My children will likely reflect how I was as a child, which is why I should do some deep introspection about my own childhood, and family research into how my parents and grandparents were raised.
  • May 2021 through January 2023 is an ideal time for me to do research into family history and figuring out what type of parent I want to be. I’m advised to read parenting books, observe and help with friends who are having children, and plan out my finances during this time.
  • April 2023 forward is when I am most likely to have children, also October 2024 and March/April 2025 stand out.
  • My chart shows I have some generational or ancestral trauma passed down in my DNA. It’s very important that I work to heal this before taking this next step in my life. I’m advised to take my time and be cautious and serious about healing myself before I can move forward.

Hmm, something about this reading felt very dark, but also resonated to a certain degree.

Putting it all together…

This was a very fascinating experience. It seems that each psychic had their own personal flair, and although they all gave me different pieces of information, all of the readings felt accurate to me. It will be interesting to look back someday and see which one ended up being truest.


  • All of them mentioned having at least one child.
  • Two of the readings said my first would be a boy, the others didn’t mention gender at all.
  • Two of the readings mentioned a pregnancy “later in life.”
  • Three of them emphasized “knowledge” — educating myself / passing knowledge to my children / learning from my children.
  • #2 mentioned a difficult second pregnancy, #3 mentioned possibly twins for second pregnancy = difficult pregnancy = twins?!
  • 2023 seems to be a common year mentioned — otherwise, dates were pretty scattered.


  • Amount of children: reading #4 said 1-2 kids, reading #2 mentions up to 6 kids, and reading #3 said 3-4, but that the amount is flexible depending on my free-will.
  • #1 said no difficult pregnancies, while #2 seems that most of my pregnancies would be complicated and that I really need to learn Vedic yagya.
  • #3 sensed an eagerness in pregnancy, like it would be coming to me very soon and that I’m totally ready for it; #4 was very hesitant energy, stressed the need to take it slow and do a lot of research and healing before getting pregnant.

Final thoughts…

My favorite reading was #3, the psychic recording. This one felt most personal to me, maybe because I sent my picture so she could actually see me, maybe because it was her recorded voice, and also maybe because she was more focused on reading my energy instead of analyzing my chart. I really surprised myself here because my original intention was to do strictly birth chart readings, because I find it to be more “logical” with a whole scientific formula behind it rather than what feels like just “guessing” (yeah, yeah, I know astrology is not logical at all according to mainstream scientists.) But you know what I mean? I wanted a psychic that could give me reasoning behind the answer (like “this is in your fifth house” rather than “this is what I feel”) and yet the freestyle method felt most accurate and most personal to me. I never would’ve purchased this reading if I hadn’t been waiting on the last, and it ended up being my favorite.

My second favorite was #2 Vedic astrology because it gave a lot of detail and seemed to answer most of my questions, although I do wish it was just slightly longer! In third, is #1 the quickie, it was pretty straight-forward and decent for being the cheapest. My least favorite was #4, although I still appreciate it, especially shedding light on inheriting trauma which is definitely accurate, it just wasn’t very detailed and also had this strange somber feeling to it. I know the other readings had a few negative aspects to them but #4 in particular just felt more dreary, especially how much it emphasized to be overly cautious and slow about entering this next phase of my life, this reading did not excite me like the others. Plus I don’t like how long I had to wait for it!

Overall I’m happy about my decision to reach out to four different psychics. Each reading was very different, and I’m glad for that, because I would hate to spend money just to hear the same exact thing four different times. I like how they all had their own different focus points, so I really learned a lot. Time will tell what actually comes of my future, as for now, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities. I don’t want to be thinking so hard about something that seems so out of my control, so after posting this I’m really going to try letting it go. I don’t think I’ll be consulting more psychics about pregnancy/children (at least before I fully reach that stage in life), but this was really fun and I may try it again regarding romance or career, or something else like that.


12 thoughts on “I consulted multiple psychics about my future — “When will I have children?”

  1. My aunt believes in psychics. She took my mom to a psychic once. Personally, I haven’t been to a psychic.

    At least you got some peace of mind seeing these psychics, and hopefully these predictions are true! What’s interesting to me is how none of their predictions were the same in terms of number of children, type (twin or not), and whether the children were male or female.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh! And yeah, I feel like certain things can’t be predicted, even one of the psychics specifically said I can still change my fate, determine if I want more or less kids. And then I also think some psychics are more accurate than others, or have more practice so they’re better. I think people worry about psychics telling them bad news, but I do feel more peace of mind now, that even through these challenges I face, I can still overcome them.

      Liked by 1 person

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