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DIY Craft: Mini Spell Jar

A mini spell jar (or “wish jar“) is a little glass bottle that you can fill with ingredients in order to promote a certain desire. They can be used for manifestation, for decoration, for aromatherapy, just for fun — or all of the above!

First, set your intention

First, you must figure out your intention — what you are trying to manifest.

Here are examples of intentions, listed from safest (green), to medium (yellow), to possibly dangerous (red.)

  • Protection — if you are new to this, then you want to opt for protection, which you can’t go wrong with. Other intentions can backfire if you are not safe, conscious, and ethical about it. Protection is the easiest, also most affective, and most helpful. Everyone needs protection: from energy vampires, evil spirits, enemies, anyone who wishes you harm, etc.
  • Health/healing — Another safe one is desiring good health. It could be a specific ailment, or mental vs. physical, or overall good health.
  • Good luck — Very simple and safe.
  • Happiness/confidence — Shifting yourself to a positive mindset.
  • Friendship — You could be looking for more friends, or a specific type of friend, or to heal a broken friendship.
  • Lucid dreaming — Bringing on intense dreams could help you find more clarity and understanding in your life, but can also bring the possibility of inducing traumatic nightmares.
  • Divination — Increasing psychic power and ability to communicate with the other side can assist you in many ways. But should only be used as intention if you already have practice with it.
  • Money — There’s nothing wrong with manifesting more money, but you need to be highly conscious of how you receive. Be aware of it coming to you in unethical ways (stealing, scamming, abuse of power, etc.) and understand when it is okay or not okay to accept it. If your vibration is low, it could induce heavy negative karma. If your vibration is high and you vow to receive in ethical ways, go ahead!
  • Love — The best thing to do is focus on self-love, and then the right loving energy will come your way. Or you can focus on what you want in a person or relationship. But be careful about forcing things in love. Avoid manifesting a specific person as it can go against free-will, unless you are sure of their feelings and would like to progress your relationship, be careful it could end up moving faster than both of you can handle.

As for curses or any form of black magic, that is an absolute NO. Not only are you causing harm, you are also inviting that harmful energy to come back your way three times as harshly. There are certain desires that come with ethical grey areas, like wishing for something negative that ultimately leads to positive results — unless you are super experienced, just stick with positive intentions only.

Determine your materials

And now it’s time to gather your materials…

First you’ll need a mini jar! Of course, you can use any sized jar you want. But mini jars are ideal because they require less materials so you can make more of them, and their convenient size makes them more versatile.

Next, you’re going to want at least a few of the following — crystals, herbs, spices, essential oils, flavor extracts… You do NOT need to have everything!!! Most of these ingredients you should be able to find simply in your kitchen cabinet!

Piece of paper

This is optional and a step that you may want to skip. It’s mainly intended for specific wishes.

Take a small piece of paper and write down your wish, roll it up, and place it in the jar.

For a minimal look, you can even stop right here! But for a richer aesthetic, you may decide to bury it with more ingredients, or skip the paper altogether. It’s definitely not necessary in order to achieve a desire.

Jars #1 and #3 are a mix of herbs and crystals, while #2 is just crystals with essential oil, and #4 contains crystals and herbs steeped in vanilla extract.


Crystals are very powerful for attracting specific energies. If you have a large jar, you may decide to use a medium sized crystal. But for minis, you’ll want to use tiny pieces of crystals.

One idea is to have a crystal-only jar. This can also go well with a piece of paper inside. You can fill it with one or multiple different types of crystals. Another thing that mixes well with crystals is water or clear-colored flavor extract.

If you decide to use herbs and spices, you can certainly still use crystals for the added affect, just realize that you may not be able to see them as well.

  • Rose quartz — love and friendship
  • Amethyst — spirituality, protection, psychic ability
  • Carnelian — passion and confidence
  • Red jasper — bravery and confidence
  • Tiger’s eye — focus, psychic ability, confidence
  • Lapis Lazuli — wisdom, sleep, dreams
  • Fluorite — intuition and clarity
  • Green aventurine — good luck and abundance
  • Clear quartz — purifying, protection, amplifies energy of other crystals


Herbs are just as powerful as crystals in aiding specific energies. Similarly, they have a beautiful aesthetic. I highly recommend including herbs in your wish jar, especially if you’re not using crystals.

  • Parsley — love, good luck, abundance
  • Peppermint leaf — calmness, protection
  • Lavender leaf — calmness, sleep
  • Dandelion leaf –– summoning, purification
  • Raspberry leaf — visions, divination, protection, love
  • Yellowdock root — money, good luck in business
  • Passion flower — friendship, peace, passion
  • Nettle leaf — divination, visions
  • Witchhazel leaf — healing, spirit communcation
  • Meadowsweet — honoring the dead
  • Mistletoe — love, fertility, protection
  • Witches grass — happiness, good luck
  • Blessed thistle — healing magic
  • Cat’s claw — vision quest, magic
  • Yarrow flower — divination, marraige
  • Devil’s claw root — expelling evil spirits, “clawing” out of bad experiences.

If you plan on bringing your spell jar to school or work, I would recommend avoiding the use of herbs, as they can sadly be mistaken for cannabis.


Similar to herbs, spices are just as powerful! They also come in handy, as you are more likely to find them in your kitchen cabinet or at your local grocery store. Because they are so dense, I recommend pairing them with herbs.

  • Nutmeg — love
  • Cinnamon — love
  • Red pepper — passion


Salt is also very magical. They have strong protection powers. Pink Himalayan salt is specifically good for love. If you’re using crystals too, beware that salt erodes certain types of crystals.


Water would go best with crystals, flavor extracts, and essential oils. Other ingredients can be used, but may cause disintegration or unwanted appearance after a while.

  • Rose water — water that has been steeped in rose pedals, great for love
  • Moon water — water that has sat by moonlight, great for magic
  • Sun water — water that has sat by the sun, great for happiness and healing

Essential oils

  • Lavender — peace, calmness, sleep
  • Eucalyptus — calmness, abundance, protection
  • Tea tree — calmness, abundance
  • Orange — passion, energy, confidence
  • Rosemary — love
  • Frankincense — psychic ability
  • Peppermint — peace, protection, sleep
  • Lemongrass — good luck, abundance, happiness

Flavor extracts

  • Vanilla — love
  • Coconut — protection
  • Banana — passion

Other ideas

  • Roses and flower pedals — love, passion
  • Honey — love, health
  • Apple seeds — love, passion
  • Poppy seeds — sleep, healing
  • Juniper berries — love, protection
  • Four-leafed clover — good luck
  • Grass
  • Plants
  • Good luck charms or personal items that carry significance to you
  • Shedded pet fur — great for invoking pet health and happiness.
    • If you are about to put a pet down, it can serve to hold onto their shedded fur and use it in a spell jar with divination materials in order to assure safe passage into afterlife and welcome their spirit to be with you.

Putting it all together

After gathering your proper materials, it’s time to put it all together.

You may want to play music. For love spells, maybe a playlist of your favorite love songs; for happiness spells, the songs that make you happy. Ambient and nature music is always highly beneficial. Or you may feel better in peace and quiet. You can also play a podcast or show. What matters most is that you keep yourself in a positive mindset, so don’t put on anything that will make you feel annoyed or upset.

It will also help to include the four elements. For fire, light a candle; for earth, set crystals/stones/etc. nearby, for water, set aside a cup of water or a water bottle, and luckily your air is already there although you could also open a window or turn on a fan but not necessary.

If you are spiritual, then you may want to say a prayer beforehand. Or you can simply state what you are grateful for.

If you have a stick candle, you can boost the energy by lighting it beforehand and then waving it around the jar three times clockwise. Then once you are finished, light the candle again and wave it three times counterclockwise.

After you have completed your jar (or jars), make it clear that you are done. Say a goodbye prayer, or anything to clearly indicate you are finished.

You finished! …Now what?

It’s completely up to you what you do with your jar — put it on display or hide it somewhere, turn it into jewelry and wear it, whatever you want!

For protection spells, you may want to put it by your front door. For love, in your bedroom. For health, in your kitchen. For divination, in your place of prayer or meditation room. For dreams, under your pillow. Etc.

Don’t completely forget about the jar. Remember to look at it, open it up and smell it, hold it in your hand, etc. But don’t obsess over it either.

You’ll most likely want to label your jar, especially if you made many. You can use a label maker, or a permanent marker (which may fade/smudge) — I used glitter glue and color coated it (red–passion, pink–love, blue–dreams/sleep, white–protection, green–health/abundance, rainbow–divination.)

The most important part is that you enjoy!!!


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