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Blog Stats 2023

  • In 2022, I wrote a total of 156,213 words with an average of 1,008 words per post.
  • Most popular time for views is Sunday (16%) and 6:00 PM (6%)
  • My best views ever were on September 13, 2021.
  • I have a total of 201,352 views.
  • I have written 878 posts.

Top Posts of 2022:

  1. Top 25 Darkest & Saddest LDR Songs (13k)
  2. Top 25 Romantic & Sensual LDR Songs (9.2k)
  3. Are you an “old soul” or a “new soul”? (4.6k)
  4. Top 10 Controversial LDR songs (4.4k)
  5. DIY Craft: Mini Spell Jar (2.3k)
  6. What’s Your Spirit Animal? (1.7k)
  7. Your Career Path, According to Astrology (1.5k)
  8. I Tried “Soul Drops” — Legal Microdosing (1.3k)
  9. Herbalism for Mental Health (1.1k)
  10. The Generations (and Eras) of Pluto (854)

Top Posts of All Time:

  1. Top 25 Darkest & Saddest LDR Songs (64.3k)
  2. Top 25 Romantic & Sensual LDR Songs (30.9k)
  3. Top 10 Controversial LDR songs (7.8k)
  4. Are you an “old soul” or a “new soul”? (6.7k)
  5. What’s Your Spirit Animal? (6.7k)
  6. QUIZ ~ What’s My Spirit Animal? (5.2k)
  7. DIY Craft: Mini Spell Jar (5k)
  8. Mythology ~ Goddess Isis (3k)
  9. I Tried “Soul Drops” — Legal Microdosing (2.2k)
  10. Fashion Trends ~ Kawaii / Creepy-Cute / Pastel Goth (1.8k)

Above is a chart I made with my most popular topics. It’s not statistically accurate but a rough guestimate!

Thanks for an awesome year of blogging!


4 thoughts on “Blog Stats 2023

  1. Sometimes it’s very weird to see which stories get a lot of traffic and which ones don’t, and I’ve learned that my intuition is wrong just as often as it’s right. Some stories that seem inconsequential will catch fire, while posts I think are important — and which I put a lot of effort into — might fall on deaf ears, with few social media shares, hits or comments.

    It makes sense with your Lana Del Ray stories though, as she’s popular and she’s got a built-in fanbase constantly Googling for stuff about her. Listicle-formatted stuff always seems to do well.

    I also think it’s good that you’re writing more than 1,000 words per post. I fall well short of that on average, and I think it’s because I’m constantly conscious of short attention spans on the web. I should have more faith in readers.

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    1. That is SO TRUE! Sometimes it’s very disappointing when you post something you are excited about and it doesn’t receive much attention. But then the posts that you least expect end up catching fire.

      I was really surprised when the first LDR post blew up, but as I thought about it, like you said she is someone with a very strong fan base and a lot of people are Googling her. Funny story, my friend told me that she was Googling her music and it lead her to my website and she was shocked. I thought that was so cool. My blog would probably have more success if I made it a LDR fan page only but honestly that’s not what I want to be constantly writing about, as there are many more topics I am much more passionate about.

      Thank you, although I also feel like people have short attention spans online (myself included) and as time passes our span is decreasing even more. So I’m trying not to write TOO many words per post, yet sometimes I just get carried away and I can’t stop. Hahaha. But proper formatting is definitely key, like bullet lists, paragraphs, titles and subtitles, etc.

      Thanks for being a loyal follower 🙂

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      1. I think it’s a good thing that you have faith in your readers to stick with you through 1,000-word posts. That’s not overly long at all and the more we can push back against short attention spans, the better.

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