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Today is my kitten’s cat’s first birthday!!!

Luna turns one years old today!!!

We had a little celebration — just me, the cats, and the guinea pig! This morning, we opened presents!!! Venus got her a bag of squishy balls, Athena got her a laser pointer toy, and I got her a cactus scratching post!

It has been such a joy to watch Luna grow from a teeny whittle baby into a full grown cat! It’s a bit sad to see her growing so fast, but I’m so grateful for this time I’ve had with her, and so glad that she has been blessed with great health. I took her home when she was just two weeks, when she was nearly impossible to catch, and very quickly she warmed up to me and began to snuggle right next to me every night!

As cute as kittens are, they can also be total terrors! Luna used to keep me up at night, attacking my face in the middle of my sleep! She used to claw at every single thing and break whatever she could! Being there through her first heat cycle was a nightmare, and then nursing her back to health after getting spayed (during a snowstorm!) was also quite stressful. Now she has really matured and grown into an independent and low-macitence cat.

Here’s to many more years of health and happiness!!!


27 thoughts on “Happy FIRST BIRTHDAY, Luna!!!

  1. Kittens are cute, but yeah, there’s a lot of lost sleep, clawed skin and saintly patience involved in raising them. I grew to love my cat even more as he became an adult. Happy birthday to your little one.

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