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Love is green

Did you know that the color of love is not red — it’s GREEN! …?

According to spiritual healers, the color of true love is actually not the bold red we commonly mistake it for, it is green!

The body holds seven chakras, going from root to crown, from tailbone to above the head, through the colors of the rainbow. Starting at red and ending at violet, the heart chakra is the fourth, represented by the color green.

It really makes sense when you think about it, and reveals so much about society. Love is symbolized by a heart, and that heart is almost always colored red. Red lips, red cheeks, red dress… love is typically connected to the color red.

But really, love is certainly green. When you see green, you think of healing. It resembles abundance, like the trees that grow all over the planet. It’s a very giving color.

The meaning of life is LOVE, and there is no point in living without it. But what we tend to believe is “love” is often false. We see love as ownership, possession, codependency. It is also seen as competitive, aggressive, and fierce like the color red.

When it comes to friends — we see love as ownership, as in “this is my friend” … we see love as jealousy, when you get angry at a friend for spending time with other people … we see love as controlling, when you try to dictate your friend’s life choices … we see love as superficial, when you form a friendship with someone just because of their social status, money, resources, etc.

When it comes to family — we say that just because someone is family, that you’re “supposed to” love each other … meanwhile there are many toxic parents, or children, or relatives etc. who are abusive or incapable of love … using guilt tactics like “but I’m your family” in order to manipulate, control, or disrespect the boundaries of another.

And most of all — when it comes to romance. We say that life is unfulfilling without a partner… but look at so many lonely people trapped in toxic, manipulative, or unsatisfying relationships. We pity those who are single, when really we should be pitying those who are trapped to a person who makes them unhappy… you see someone who’s single and say “don’t worry, you’ll find someone” yet you never tell a person in a relationship, “don’t worry, you will finally escape them someday.”

And I am NOT saying that all relationships are toxic and lonely. But I will say — many, many relationships are, and that’s only because we are confused about the meaning of love.

It’s not about LUST, because we can’t all fit perfect beauty standards for the entirety of our lives during every waking moment… it’s not about POSSESSION because forcing someone to depend on you only leads to resentment… it’s not about JEALOUSY because that would imply a lack of empathy…

Love begins and ends with YOU! If you find friends who are caring, then that’s amazing. If you find family who is supportive, then that’s wonderful. If you find a partner who you bond with, then that’s lovely! But all of those things are just an additional bonus to the love you already have inside of your heart.

I will repeat it again — LOVE BEGINS AND ENDS WITH YOU!

You can be surrounded by people who love you — but if your heart is closed, than their love is irrelevant. You can have a whole circle of people who love you, including a life partner — but if you are closed to love, then you won’t feel that.

On the other hand, you can be surrounded by just the opposite — people who are incapable of love, who do not know how to give or receive love, who use and abuse you because that’s the only thing they know. If you have love in your heart, then that’s more than enough.

What happens when you love someone and they don’t love you back? When a crush goes unrequited? When you’re taken advantage of by an abuser? When you’re in complete admiration of someone who doesn’t know you exist? It’s always the lover we pity, not the one who rejected their love. But it should be vice versa. We should pity the person who rejected, rather than the one who was rejected.

When you love someone, whether they love you back or not — that’s irrelevant. You still experience the joy and magic of love. Meanwhile, the person who couldn’t love you back — what did they experience? Coldness, numbness, nothingness.

Why do we feel so bad for people who love someone who did not return the same feelings? Why do we look at kind people and say “you’re too nice”? Why do we tell someone to stop being so giving and charitable? Why do we stop telling people to love?

Love is green. Love is giving and abundant. A love not returned does not make it any lesser of a love.


4 thoughts on “Love is green

  1. We tend to project our own experiences onto the world, and much of this is subconscious. If our past relationships were toxic, then we are more likely to see relationships as being toxic. This is a projection of biases that we created in our own minds. Not all relationships are toxic (I read your disclosure about that). I do agree that it’s worse to be stuck in a toxic relationship for the sake of being with someone and yes, being with the wrong person is likely to make a person unhappy.

    I like the green heart concept 💚 You are life. You are love.

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    1. Yes, it’s a shame when someone who comes from a past full of toxic relationships (whether by partners, family, or friends) and meets the person who is right for them, and then their heart is closed off — all because of what they were “taught” subconsciously about love. I certainly believe that soulmates or twin flames can be together and it’s absolutely beautiful. But being with the wrong person is an absolute nightmare when there is addiction and codependency.

      Thank you 💚 I am going to try using green hearts more rather than red!

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  2. As I was reading this, I was struck by the irony that green has often been used to represent jealousy and envy while red hearts = love. Yet jealousy and envy work us up to a state that I find better suited to red while true love is a gentle thing, twining hearts together like two companion trees. I read not long ago about how trees actually form friendships that can be seen in the way they grow together, neither trying to dominate but sharing so that even if one is cut, they can rebuild. Now every time I see two trees with branches gently interlaced (competing ones grow thicker to push each other away), it reminds me of the deeper ideal of love. 💚🌳🌳

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