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NOW FOR SALE — Magical Perfume Sprays!

I am excited to announce my very first physical product listing on my Etsy shop!

Click here to shop at Crystal Aura Gaze, which offers a variety of psychic readings, and now also perfume sprays!!!

These sprays are a blend of three unique essential oils, diluted less than 2% in distilled water for your safety. You can spray your body, clothes, home, furniture, the air, etc. Do NOT spray on sensitive areas, small children, or pets. EXTERNAL USE ONLY!

Each spray is based on a specific god or goddess intended to assist your desires and make your wishes come true.

  • Goddess Isis (high priestess) — for spiritual awakening, intuitive powers, and a higher vibration.
  • Venus-Aphrodite (beauty spell) — embracing feminine energy, attracting love, and feeling beautiful inside and out.
  • Lord Ganesha (good luck) — for wealth, abundance, fortune.
  • Mars, god of war (victory) — masculine energy, for battle, perseverance, and defeating your enemies.

Currently there is only one of each spray available. However, there will be more in stock very soon! Alongside, there will be some more products available in the near future!


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