Wishing for what you already have

Today’s Wish Wednesday is dedicated to wishing for what you already have.

It is human nature to wish so hard for something, and then as soon as you get it, you wish for something more. Rarely do we actually appreciate all the things we have, that we once would’ve died to have.

I know that we all have a lot of horrible stuff happening in our lives, we are all dealing with awful people and terrible situations. Let’s put that aside for a moment to focus on the good.

What are you grateful for? What do you have? What accomplishments are you proud of? Write it down, type it out, or at least think it in your head. I’ll start…

  • I published my first novel and a handful of people bought it and enjoyed it!
  • I have two happy and healthy cats.
  • I’m taking an herbal course, and will soon be doing a palmistry course.
  • I am learning more Latin with Duolango.
  • I am publishing tarot readings online.
  • I am posting horoscopes and continuing to learn about astrology.
  • I have so many books, and reading (most of them.)
  • I am close to 1,000 followers on my blog, attracting many viewers, likes, and commenters. Making many friends along the way.
  • I am doing very well at my full-time job, recent promotions and praises.
  • I have been bravely pushing myself through a health crisis (and have had many supporters along my journey.)
  • I have kind, caring, loving, supportive family and friends.

Phew! Okay! Now it’s your turn.

Please take a moment to go over what you are grateful for and proud of. Maybe it’s the children you’ve raised, or the test you passed, or the job you earned, or the animals in your life. You wouldn’t have made it this far without a few failures, a couple stumbling blocks, maybe some u-turns. And the journey is still going.

Think about it in your head. Write it down on a piece of paper. Or write it in the comments below.

The key to getting what you want — is realizing that you already have it.


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