Yes, I can do it all

I have a lot of interests and a lot of passions. My “struggle” is that I feel like I have to choose, to only focus on one interest, or one subject. There are so many things I want to learn more about, practice, and also teach others. There’s a lot.

I have my blog, and I like to post as often as I can, keep up with other bloggers too. I like to write stories, and I am slowly beginning to start my next little novel.

I also have my “Crystal Aura Gaze” account on instagram, Youtube, WordPress site, and Etsy shop. I am into all types of esoteric practices, not just astrology and tarot, also numerology, runes, palmistry, and more. I make potions and charms for sale, plus psychic readings for sale.

I am into many forms of exercise. All types of dancing, and I am focusing a lot on belly dancing. I love yoga and some pilates too. I hula hoop and learn new moves whenever I can.

My love for animals is a huge part of my life. I have my two cats and my two guinea pigs who take a lot of my time and energy. I try hard to give my cats a good life! I am still somewhat new to owning guinea pigs, and trying to learn more whenever I can! I take care of animals at my full time job.

I like to put a lot of time into making my home feel clean and organized. Much of my time is spent just cleaning, doing laundry and dishes. I like to often move furniture around or hang up new decor in order to clear the energy in my space.

I am into herbal medicine. I’m currently enrolled in an extensive herbal course and there is so much to learn. There is also lots of crafting and cooking involved. I am also dabbing a little bit into poisonous herbal medicine.

I continue to educate myself on esoteric arts. I am excited to begin this virtual palmistry course in February. Next weekend I am attending an online session to learn about the upcoming Venus Retrograde.

I love to read. I have a stack of books in my living room that I am slowly getting through. I have two large bookshelves filled with books, plus extra books laying all around my apartment. I have many new books that I can’t wait to get through. I have tons of old books that I enjoy looking back on and re-reading.

I really cannot remember the last time I was bored! I have quite an inactive social life, and I am not dating, I try to see my family whenever I can, and I probably see my close friends only once in a blue moon. I feel great pressure to either be married and having kids right now, or going out to the bars every weekend, or taking big vacations every month, and I’m not doing any of that — yet my life is still fulfilled.

There is so much stuff I like to do. Why should I have to choose? I don’t have to choose between my blog verses my business, I don’t have to choose between writing verses astrology and tarot, I don’t have to choose between herbal medicine and occult studies, I don’t have to choose between sitting on my laptop all the time or doing stuff all around my apartment.

This is my time for my passions to shine. I don’t know what the future will bring — I may never have this much “time” on my hands ever again. Maybe this will be the rest of my life, or maybe several years from now my hands will be tied with a husband (or wife?) and kids and babies… I don’t know! For now, this is what I’m doing!

Yes, I can do it all!


3 thoughts on “Yes, I can do it all

  1. I’m definitely not out partying or going on extravagant vacations. I can’t remember the last time I went anywhere fun. Family ties me down, but if I was living by myself my life wouldn’t be all that different. I’m not very social to begin with. I’m a homebody and that’s okay. It took years to come to terms with that, and I’ve finally accepted it.

    If I’m not taking care of an infant and obnoxious 5-year old, I’m working, or studying for the next certification exam thing or renewing something else. It’s always something. Or I’m doing chores that I’ve neglected because I was too busy studying or I chose not to do anything at all. I’m lazy by nature…. Given the option, I could stare at a wall all day and not feel bored. Meditation doesn’t exist because it’s always so loud and noisy in my house, which I hate. My obnoxious family can be really annoying and I wish it was quieter around here 🙄

    Even if I could do it all, would I want to? On my days off I rather rest, if rest is an option. I believe you when you say you can do it all. Just don’t overwork yourself. One day you might look back and wonder when you’ll have some peace and quiet!

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    1. We are the same in that we are homebodies and introverts! Yes, I can imagine in that case that there is always noise or messes or something going on. I find it strange that even when I sit here in silence, and my phone is on silent and my cats are asleep, there is still a sense of “internal noise” in the fact that there’s always something I should be doing — whether it’s chores or paying bills, or making space to learn more or do what makes me happy. I’m restless. I do believe it’s important to relax, but it also makes me question, is there such thing as relaxation? If I’m laying down and watching TV, my brain is still being highly stimulated by what I’m watching. People find relaxation through different mediums — some call cooking relaxing, or cleaning relaxing, or painting their nails or plucking their eyebrows relaxing — it’s all relative. Ironically, I find more relaxation through productivity because my anxiety decreases when I feel like I’ve accomplished something. But I agree that burning oneself out is terrible! And that’s why I try to keep my social plans to the minimum. But someone else, like an extravert, would call social plans a form of relaxation.

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