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I tried OLIPOP sparkling tonic

OLIPOP Sparkling Tonic is a bubbly beverage designed as a healthy replacement for soda.

I decided to go ahead and give this drink a try. I ordered the full pack which included six different flavors.

Overall, I seriously enjoy this drink. It’s very healthy — about 30-40 calories per can and several grams of fiber. Plus, it includes a handful of herbs mixed in like marshmallow root, for relaxing effects. It certainly goes far beyond your typical sparking drink.

I find the flavors to be strong and satisfying. Vintage cola is possibly my favorite, which is surprising because cola is usually not my preferred soda of choice. It includes hints of cinnamon and vanilla, which is probably why I like it better than standard coke.

Old fashioned root beer is also delicious. Typically, root beer is my favorite soda, so I was really excited for this one. Do the two compare? There is something slightly off about OLIPOP root beer — probably tasting a little less sweeter — but overall I love it!

I would have to say that cola and root beer were my favorites. The fruity ones are also good, but I wouldn’t say my first choice. Strawberry vanilla would be my third favorite (which I forgot to include in the photos), right next to cherry vanilla. Ginger lemon tastes just like gingerale, and orange squeeze is like fizzy orange juice.

Most notably, after consuming the beverage, I definitely felt more relaxed both mentally and physically. The herbal mix really works in my opinion!

Click here to purchase OLIPOP and I will receive a small commission.


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