The Soul’s Journey (and role of Starseeds)

Disclaimer: the following comes from my own intuition and imagination. It is not factual. Please read with an open mind.

In the beginning

It all began with Source — pure energy that we call as “God” or “Spirit.” It was the Light. It was One. From Source, came little fragments called “souls.” Splitting away from Source, experiencing separation, becoming imperfect and flawed, each soul developed its own unique blueprint. The “blueprint” of a soul represents everything that makes it different — like personality, desires, and all the other ways it will manifest on the material realm.


The first souls that came to Earth were bacteria and fungi. And every other new soul that comes to Earth will begin as bacteria and fungi. This is the first step in determining the soul’s evolution. There are “good bacteria” that helps you digest and strengthens your immune system, and there’s “bad bacteria” that causes illness. These lifetimes are the first series of tests to determine if a soul is developed enough to continue its evolution into higher planes. A soul that manifests as “good bacteria” would move on to become, for example, a mushroom in the forest, in its next lifetime.

Fungi and plants

Transferring from the microscopic world into the macro, such as becoming a forest mushroom, the potential for the soul’s evolution is extremely heightened. Now, in the form of a mushroom, the soul can observe other souls with a wider perspective — the plants, animals, and humans.

How can a mushroom’s soul evolve? How can a mushroom be “good” or “bad”? It is similar to plants, which is the next step in the soul’s journey. People do not realize that mushrooms and plants can think, feel, and communicate with one another. Plants can be bullies if they choose — for example, when you see a tree overgrown in a way that the trees around it die because it’s growth was blocked. A recent book about trees came out about how trees can “talk” to each other — yes, mushrooms and plants can be good or bad.

Next in order, after wild mushrooms, trees, flowers, etc. would be a “pet plant” — what people buy in the stores and take home to take care of. These souls have a much higher potential of evolving by observing direct human behavior on a daily basis. Yes, your plants are watching you! If your plant watches you life a good life and make positive choices, your plant’s soul has a higher chance of evolving.

Now I want to make a point in that plants, fungus, and even bacteria, are in no way “lesser than” animals or humans. Actually, being closer to Source makes them more innocent and pure. This is why plants purify the air. The reason for the order has nothing to do with heiarchy, and everything to do with potential. Going from plant to animal, the stakes are higher — by gaining mobility and complex expression, the soul is at greater risk to make bad choices — but also greater chance to make the right choices. It’s a double edged sword.

And so, a soul that lives a high vibrational life will progress to the next stage if chosen to do so. A soul that lives a low vibrational life with heavy negative karma will either remain stuck in another similar life, or devolve backwards. There are rare exceptions in which a soul chooses to move backwards, for example a human who chooses to reincarnate next as a tree — maybe for learning purposes, or experience, or to be closer to loved ones.


Moving forward, the soul enters the animal world as a lower species such as insect or pest (again, lower does not mean “lesser than”, it’s all about evolution potential). Gaining mobility, there are much more opportunities for a soul to choose to be good or bad — to support their community or not, to make sacrifices or not, to cause unnecessary pain or not.

Incarnating as an animal is a turning point, because the soul is now much further removed from Source. The natural DNA of the animal body (humans included!) is in a much more low-vibrational setting than plants or fungi. The animal body is designed to be selfish and pleasure-seeking, stuck in constant survival mode. This is where the test between good and evil truly begins!

From insects and pests, a soul transfers into the wild kingdom — tigers, dolphins, bears, foxes, crocidials, etc. I should also add that a soul’s blueprint determines which type of animal it incarnates as, just as it decides which flower, herb, tree, or mushroom to be. It all depends on what type of life is best fit for the soul’s evolution. Remember that each soul is completely unique and different from the other, because it is a fragmented piece of Source, not the entirety.

Forward from the wild animals, are the animals in captivity of humans — pets, farms, rescue centers, etc. Being in direct contact with humans provides a better opportunity for soul evolution. Again, not because humans are necessarily “better than” the animals, but because human souls offer more complexity, expression, and will power. Humans are furthest away from Source, and therefore most depesrate to return to Source.

Anyone who has connected with a pet can attest for the type of bond that is formed. The death of a pet can be compared to the death of a fellow human — absolutely devastating and heartbreaking. Your pet’s soul watches you, interacts with you, and therefore learns from you. You play a key role in determining the evolution of your pet’s soul.

Most pets go on to reincarnate as the same pet, so that cat you had from childhood could be the same soul as the cat you have in later adulthood. In some cases, a pet may regress and devolve back into a wild animal; and in some cases, a pet could evolve into a human.

And then the soul becomes a human — if it lived high vibrational lifetimes full of good choices that promoted love. Many souls will not make it this far! Do not mistake highly evolved souls for humans who seem fortuned with money, fame, looks, power, etc. — rather, these are low vibrational souls with heavy karma. High vibrational souls tend to live simple and secluded lives, because they are more detached from the material world and more strongly desire to return to Source.

Other planets and galaxies

Earth is a very low-vibrational planet, full of war, pollution, diseases, and corruption. Can a soul incarnate between other planets and galaxies? Yes, but usually not. First, your soul is only capable of incarnating in environments that match its vibration or less — so an Earthly soul probably would not have the ability to incarnate on a high-vibrational planet will much less suffering. Second, traveling between planets and galaxies generally stunts soul evolution — because you become “homesick,” confused, lost, and it distracts you from your purpose. Souls generally stick with what they know, unless they are looking for a challenge.

And this is when “starseeds come into play. On Earth, this is a term for a soul that originated and evolved on another planet/galaxy, and then chose to visit this planet. They are high vibrational, highly evolved souls who purposely came to Earth in order to help — like volunteer service. It is common for highly evolved souls to desire helping those who need it. They are here to assist soul evolution, in a time of Kali Yuga, when darkness and suffering is at its highest.

Starseeds vs. Saints

It is estimated that there are about ten million, possibly up to one-hundred million, souls known as “starseeds” here to help. Now, it is vital to say that starseeds are NOT to be confused with Saints. Saints are direct messengers of God, they are miracle workers, they are nearly perfect. Some Saints have made it to Earth in the past couple thousand years, one of the most recent being Mother Theresa. But most Saints prefer to work with Earthlings through the spiritual realm rather than the physical, as this is safer and sometimes more effective. Also, a saint that incarnates into Earth risks devolution of the soul and losing sainthood if it becomes corrupted and accumulates negative karma while here.

And so, starseeds have plenty of flaws and baggage. Being alien souls, they suffer more with feelings of confusion, disconnection, loneliness, a sense of being lost and “homesick.” This in turn causes greater mental health issues, which can cause them to make very horrible decisions and accumulate a lot of negative karma. A starseed can initially incarnate on Earth with high vibrations, but after several unfortunate lifetimes, end up with very low vibrations — so low that the soul becomes incapable of returning to their home planet.

Starseeds propel soul evolution on Earth simply by existing. Good deeds, kindness, and the spread of information helps — but what actually helps the most is just being alive. Vibrations are emitted by the soul only through the physical presence.

In addition, souls do experience both genders. But most soul’s blueprint has a preferred gender in which they tend to incarnate.

And thus concludes the soul’s journey. Hope you enjoyed it. 😊


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