Mythology | Dionysus

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, surprisingly draws many parallels to Jesus Christ. Pronunciation: DIE-un-EYE-sis Birth of Dionysus (Story #1: Semele) The story begins with Zeus ("King of all gods") having yet another affair on his wife, Hera. He fell in love with a mortal princess named Semele and eventually impregnated her. When Hera found… Continue reading Mythology | Dionysus

natural health

Product review: Laura’s Mercantile (CBD)

Laura's Mercantile (Homestead Alternatives) is my favorite go-to for CBD products! Why use CBD products? CBD comes from the hemp plant. It has a vast amount of health benefits -- anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-nausea, and also helps with mood disorders. It has a sedative effect that helps with pain relief too. CBD products will… Continue reading Product review: Laura’s Mercantile (CBD)


Who is your soulmate? — According to astrology

The term “soulmate” can refer to your life partner. But this is a broad term that refers to anyone — a best friend, your favorite family member, a really cool coworker or classmate — someone who you have a very deep connection with. In this context, you could think of it as your future (or… Continue reading Who is your soulmate? — According to astrology

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Herbalism | The Magic of “Smart Mushrooms”

Mushrooms are not just for culinary use, or toxic poisoning, or aesthetically pleasing scenery. They have the power to heal your brain and your body. In this post, I'll be discussing the top mushrooms for healing purposes, also known as "smart mushrooms." To reap full benefits, you may not want to cook these mushrooms, as… Continue reading Herbalism | The Magic of “Smart Mushrooms”


Palmistry | Seven Archetypes

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes. Most of us have two or three of these leading archetypes, and likely a little bit of everything else. These archetypes shed light on your core personality traits. They can be manifested positively (high vibration) or negatively (low vibration.) In palmistry, we determine archetypes by several factors of the… Continue reading Palmistry | Seven Archetypes