Who is your soulmate? — According to astrology

The term “soulmate” can refer to your life partner. But this is a broad term that refers to anyone — a best friend, your favorite family member, a really cool coworker or classmate — someone who you have a very deep connection with.

In this context, you could think of it as your future (or current) spouse. Along with that though, you can also see it as all of the people in life who you develop the strongest bonds with. This theme will be prevalent in your past, present, and future.

7th and 8th houses

For soulmates, you want to pay attention to your 7th house of equal partnership, and your 8th house of intimacy and inner desires.

The 7th house is “your other half” — the part of us that we cannot see in ourselves. They say that you are attracted most to those who have the traits you lack. But keep in mind, the concept of “other half” is an illusion — these traits exist within you, but they are unseen, so you seek them out in others. Alongside, 7th house relates to lawful and contractual agreement — which definitely can point to marriage, but also in work and business.

The 8th house is a dark and complex house. One of the aspects it relates to is “intimacy.” This represents a very deep, possibly secretive, craving you have for someone. And so, 8th house may or may not point to marriage — it can be more about secret affairs or repressed feelings.

And so, combining aspects of both the 7th and 8th house, you learn who you are most attracted to both on the surface level and at your deepest core.

Looking at your birth chart…

If your 7th or 8th house is in Aries, your soulmate is energetic, fierce, and competitive. You admire them for being able to put themselves first, drawing boundaries when necessary, and having confidence.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Taurus, your soulmate is loyal, patient, and sensual. You admire them for their persistence and their value of pleasure.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Gemini, your soulmate is witty, talkative, and sharp. You admire how there are two very different sides to them.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Cancer, your soulmate is intuitive, caring, and empathetic. You admire how they take control without being too demanding.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Leo, your soulmate is childlike, theatrical, and playful. You admire how they express themself, unapologetically.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Virgo, your soulmate is independent, analytical, and self-aware. You admire their need for steady routine.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Libra, your soulmate is flexible, balanced, and understanding. You admire their passion for justice.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Scorpio, your soulmate is intense, passionate, and magnetic. You admire their ability to dig beneath the surface.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Sagittarius, your soulmate is wise, determined, and experimental. You admire their sense of adventure.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Capricorn, your soulmate is grounded, disciplined, and reserved. You admire their hard work ethic.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Aquarius, your soulmate is clever, strategic, and unique. You admire their eccentric perspective of life.

If your 7th or 8th house is in Pisces, your soulmate is psychic, sensitive, and calm. You admire their “old soul” attitude.

Planets in your 7th and 8th houses

Now, the planets in your 7th or 8th house can shed light on how you bond with your soulmate, what brings you two closer together.

Zero planets in 7th house: there is a chance that you may not get married — if you do, then marriage is not going to be a huge priority for you. You still have the free will of getting married or not — your decision is very much in your control, rather than fated.

Zero planets in 8th house: unlikely to ever become involved in any sort of “secret affair,” intimacy may not be a huge priority for you, you may feel more comfortable alone, or spreading yourself out between a wide variety of friends.

Mercury in 7th or 8th house: You bond with each other through intellectual discussion, intelligent pursuits, and quick communication. Texting, phone calls, and social media strengthens your connection. You may meet at school, some type of class, higher education, your job, or online dating.

Venus in 7th or 8th house: You bond over shared pleasures — food (cooking, eating meals together, going to nice restaurants), music (sharing songs, making playlists), going out to the spa or an art museum, physical intimacy, etc. There is naturally great harmony within your partnership. Will most likely meet through mutual friends.

Mars in 7th or 8th house: You require physical touch in order to feel connected to them. For romance — a highly sexual relationship; for friends — lots of hugs, arm grabs, and pats on the back. You bond over physical activity like sports, workouts, and even labor. Likely to meet in a competitive environment, like school or work, at the gym, or sports-related. Prone to conflict and arguments, but ironically will grow stronger through fighting, rather than keeping it all bottled up.

Jupiter in 7th or 8th house: Soulmates play a huge role in your life. You connect with others with ease, and your relationships move fast. You bond over philosophy and travel. Likely to meet them by “serendipity” — possibly by vacationing abroad, schooling, or church. You like going on adventures together and taking risks. This is likely a very spiritual relationship.

Saturn in 7th or 8th house: It takes a lot of work to keep your relationship going, but through discipline and patience, your connection is strong. You are likely to bond well with a business partner, or meet your romantic partner through your job. Sharing the same financial values is a priority for you.

Uranus in 7th or 8th house: There is something truly unique about your relationship. It works because you honor each other’s differences. You respect each other’s space and often require periods of alone-time. You bond with them over intellectual pursuits or puzzles. Likely to meet at work, or something related to science, or in a very nonconventional way.

Neptune in 7th or 8th house: You bond with them over shared dreams and fantasies. You likely idolize your partner and put them on a pedestal, overlooking all of their flaws. This could possibly be a secret affair (especially if in 8th house.) You like doing relaxing things together. Also, you may bond over drinking and substance abuse (be careful!)

Pluto in 7th or 8th house: Soulmates play an extremely powerful role in your life. May be involved in secret affair (especially if in 8th house.) Your soulmate challenges you, they change you, and they push you to your limits. There is a power-struggle dynamic. You may be prone to conflict with one another, but your fights ultimately lead to intense, personal growth.

Personal example

My 7th house is in Gemini, meaning that I am attracted to someone I can have good banter with, who has scattered energy and two different sides to them. Being a Sagittarius rising myself, this is contrast of my own energy — which is very direct, intense, and focused. My 7th house is empty of planets. Currently age 27, I can see that I will be either getting married later in life or not at all. And if I do, it will not necessarily be fated, or be a huge event in my life.

My 8th house is in Cancer, which shows that when it comes to deeper intimacy, I need someone who is sensitive and intuitive. I also have Mars in my 8th house, which shows a need for physical intimacy in order to feel connected to someone. I am also more prone to conflict — I know that in my younger years I often got in fights with close friends, but this did somehow make the friendship stronger when we made up.

Take a look at your birth chart and see if these factors make sense to you! It can draw insight on the past and present, as well as make predictions for you future.


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