Your career path, according to astrology

Your zodiac chart sheds light on your career path and ways of earning money. If you’re still in school, it can help you figure out which type of career may be better to lean towards. If you’re currently working, it can help you figure out if you are on the right path. And if you’re retired, it can give insight into your past, as well as tell you about possible future volunteer plans or ways of earning cash.

For this, you will need to look at your full zodiac chart. It requires your time, place, and date of birth. In order to find this, you can simply google “free birth chart” and fill in your birth information — or CLICK HERE!

For career, the tenth and second houses play key roles. The tenth house refers to work, most especially in context of your role in society — so this can also apply to volunteering. Your second house can show how you make money — which typically applies to work, but not always (ex: passive income.) In these houses, you want to pay attention to the zodiac signs and planets.

The 2nd and 10th houses

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Aries, you are suited for a highly competitive career path. You would do well in sports, bodybuilding, or anything physical. You require a job that allows you to express your individuality. You do better working on your own as opposed to a partner or team, may even be self-employed. You will find a lot of passion towards your work.

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Taurus, you would do well at a slower-paced job, in which you can work on your own timetable. It is likely for you to land a job with a steady paycheck, health benefits, and long term security. Once you find something you’re good at, you’re likely to stick with it forever. Your career will grow slow and steady. You’re attracted to a hands-on job, possibly a caretaker, the food industry, or the beauty industry.

If your2nd or 10th house is in Gemini, your career path is meant to be highly social and communicative. You could work in costumer service, sales, or anything that deals directly with clients. You may have two jobs, such as a day job and a side hustle. You are attracted to a job that requires strong wit and intelligence.

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Cancer, you are suited for a job that relates to home or caretaking. You are likely to have a work-from-home job. You could be involved in home decor, cleaning, cooking, or working with small children or animals. You could be suited as a family therapist. You may forgo your full time job early in life to be a stay-at-home mom or dad — which is just as important!

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Leo, you are suited for an exciting and creative career path. Once you choose a direction, you will stick with it. You could likely be involved in show business, music, or any form of art. You are content at a job that allows you to express yourself without judgment. Most likely, your job will be very well-respected by society. You may very well work with children.

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Virgo, you are suited for a highly independent job that allows you to work alone. Most likely, you will work in the health industry. You would do great as a critic, a journalist, a health inspector, or anything involving stats and data. You value a job that offers steady routine and predictability. Your pay will probably be very good.

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Libra, you may be drawn to law, criminal justice, or politics. Alternatively, you could lean towards the beauty and wellness industry or business of romance, such as matchmaking or couple’s therapy. You are suited for a job that requires you to stick up for the underdog. You will seek a job that demands intelligence and good communication skills. There will be good balance between work and personal life. You work best with an equal business partner.

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Scorpio, your career path is very powerful and mysterious. You are suited for a job that requires puzzle-solving and detective work. You could work as a spy, police, journalist, or investigator. This could be a secretive job, such as working for the government. Alternatively, you may do sex work. Or, you job may involve death — anything from working at a funeral parlor to solving crime — maybe even a past-life hypnotherapist!

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Sagittarius, your career path either involves travel or extensive studies. You may have a job that requires frequent business trips, travel the world as an influencer, or work remotely which allows you to live wherever you want. You could be a pilot, driver, or anything else in transportation. Alternatively, you may have a job as a teacher, a counselor, a religious leader — anything that involves passing down your wisdom to others. It’s also likely that you’ll spend many years in schooling, earning many degrees.

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Capricorn, you are bound to have a successful career path. It is likely that you’ll work in finances, accounting, the stock market, anything to do with money. If not that, then something with many rules and structure. Your job will likely bring a great paycheck. Your work ethic is extremely vigorous, you may put your job above everything else in life. Your job will be very well-known and respected by others.

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Aquarius, you are attracted to a career path that is unconventional and offbeat. Many people will not understand your type of work. You are suited for a job that requires brainstorming and thinking out of the box. Your ideal job involves strategy and sharp thinking. It is likely for you to make many friends at your job and get along harmoniously with your coworkers. You are drawn to the science and technology field, possibly space and astronomy, or maybe engineering.

If your 2nd or 10th house is in Pisces, your career path may be low-key, secretive, or highly spiritual. You will probably not put your job on display or draw too much attention towards it. It’s likely for you to take a night shift or work from home. You are drawn towards a job that brings deep, soul satisfaction — regardless of the pay. You are best suited for a job that allows you to escape reality and live in a fantasy world, such as drawing, creative writing, computer graphics, or other types of art.

Planets in the 2nd or 10th house

You may have one, multiple, or zero planets your 2nd and 10th houses.

No planets in 2nd or 10th house does NOT mean jobless or unsuccessful. Actually, it can be a great thing. It means that your job and career path is not a main priority in your life. You will prioritize other factors, such as friends, family, your partner, your spirituality, hobbies or sports, etc. The best advice for this placement is: don’t think too hard about your career path, just do what feels right. Overall, it’s not a huge importance.

Mercury in 2nd or 10th house adds a boost to intellect and communication regarding your career path. You could be fit for the educational field, writing, public speaking, social work, or technology. Your career will likely be social or intellectual.

Venus in 2nd or 10th house adds pleasure and joy to your career path. You are likely to find a job that makes you feel good. It’s also quite possible to meet your future partner at work, or date coworkers. You would make a great fit as a nurse or caretaker. Regardless of gender, you could have a “traditionally feminine” job (but we know that gender based careers are outdated!)

Mars in 2nd or 10th house implies competition and physical activity in your career. This is common for military and war. It could also relate to sports. You will be very passionate about your job, but may be prone to fights with coworkers or bosses. Regardless of gender, you could have a “traditionally masculine” job (but we know that gender based careers are outdated!)

Jupiter in 2nd or 10th house provides great luck and wealth for your career. You may find yourself getting a “big break” out of nowhere with a sudden, massive career expansion. This placement is likely for pop stars, actors, etc. Likely, your job will take priority in your life. It could also possibly be religious or spiritual. You could be a boss or leader.

Saturn in 2nd or 10th house implies that you will have to work harder than others in order to achieve success. But with enough self-discipline, you may become very rich, later in life. You could possibly follow in the footsteps of your father. (And if you have both Jupiter and Saturn in your tenth house, this provides great balance for achieving a wealthy career without letting it take over your whole life.)

Uranus in 2nd or 10th house means that your career path will be unconventional, eccentric, and unique. You may be self-employed or start your own business. Your career path may challenge your own belief system, taking a job you never thought you’d have.

Neptune in 2nd or 10th house shows a very spiritual career. You have big dreams, many of them unrealistic — if you also have Saturn, then this can help you logically achieve these dreamy goals. You could be a psychic, a healer, or interested in alternative medicine. It’s also very common for this placement to have a career in oceanology, aquatics, marine science, etc.

Pluto in 2nd or 10th house signifies an incredibly powerful and transformative career path. You are suited for a job that challenges you — mentally, physically, and spiritually. Your career path is sure to have many unexpected twists and turns. You may likely become a boss.


My 10th house is in Libra. I currently am employed full time as an animal caretaker at a research lab. This relates to a sense of justice, because I am assuring the animals are being treated kindly and properly in an unfortunate circumstance. I have zero planets in my tenth house, which shows that my full-time job is not a huge priority in my life.

My 2nd house is in Capricorn, which shows the rigorous rules and structure I am required to follow from working in a lab. Alongside, this is a very secure and reliable position that brings a steady paycheck and benefits.

Uranus is in my 2nd house, which shows that my career is unconventional — it’s definitely a bit of a strange job, I have to say, and it does challenge my beliefs against animal rights. Along with that, I run my own business on the side, which relates to the self-employed aspect of this planet. I also have Neptune in my 2nd house, which also relates to my current side jobs — doing writing, tarot, astrology, and selling witchy products.


8 thoughts on “Your career path, according to astrology

  1. Interesting post. I don’t have any planets in my 10th house either though my Midheaven is there in Aquarius, but my Moon and North Node in Gemini in 2nd house. Just watching a fascinating video on my north node on youtube! Feel like I need to do more study on the north node!

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    1. The north node is very fascinating and I’m trying to learn more about that one! What is the YouTube channel? I’ve heard many different interpretations of north/south node. Some say it’s about past vs future, or habits vs intention, or even related to past lives.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Currently watching Haley Comet Astrology. But other channels I have started following are Written in the Stars by Rux and Soul Navigation Astrology and Tarot.

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  2. Hi there, I have Pisces 2nd house, Scorpio MC, Venus and Mercury both in 10th house in Scorpio, no planets in the 2nd house. I’m incredibly drawn to sex work but I live in a country that would scrutinize me and my family if I follow this path. What other career paths would be suitable for me?
    (I’m using whole sign, and in Vedic astrology I have a Libra MC, Aquarius 2nd house, Venus and Mercury in Libra 10H. I thought this might be helpful info as well 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel that you should go towards what you feel drawn to, despite scrutiny from others, there are many discreet ways to pursue sex work if you think outside of the box. That’s very fitting with Scorpio. But also, something very nontraditional involving something taboo (even if it’s not sex related) will excite you. I think that you’d be best doing something independent, unorthodox, and having a high level of privacy in regards to your profession.


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