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Visit with sister(s) & Guinea pig update

This past weekend, I went to see my sister in Brooklyn. It was an easy drive but parking was the only difficult part.

I got there early to avoid traffic and waited at a book shop where I bought a new astrology book and read it with a drink in the cafe.

After Julie was off work, I got to see some of where she works, which was fascinating to see! She is a child life specialist at a hospital. She goes between buildings from the office space to the actual hospital.

We started with drinks at a bar along with seriously the best personal pizza I’ve ever had! Then for dinner we took the subway, where we met my brother’s fiancé Mariel for dinner. They are getting married in May! So we wanted to do something special with the three of us before the big day. The wedding will be in the Dominican Republic, where she’s from and where her parents are living. I’m nervous about traveling but it should be very fun!

I slept over my sisters and we had brunch the next morning at a place called Flamingo Baby. Super delicious!

RIP Skully, my Guinea pig

In more sad news, one of my Guinea pigs recently passed away. Last year, I adopted two Guinea pigs from the research lab I work at. They were albinos and I named them Skull and Bones, or nicknamed Skully and Bobo.

They were practically identical, although Skully had slightly darker rims around his ears. Skully was the first piggy to be placed inside my new home. He was slightly more outgoing and braver than Bobo, yet still very skittish as all piggies tend to be.

Guinea pigs are social animals so it was great to have brothers together. They seemed to get along well. Alongside, my cats have always really liked the two of them — whether watching from a distance or jumping into their cage to play.

Skully passed very suddenly which is somewhat common for rodents. His life was on the shorter side, although by rescuing him from the lab I know his life was extended and far more enriched. He got much more freedom and attention, and was able to befriend two cats. He was also occasionally spoiled with treats and toys.

Bobo is still alive and doing well. I’m sure he misses his bro. I’m debating if I should get another piggy or not — on one hand it is much easier to handle one than two, and he also gets to socialize with the cats; on the other hand, Guinea pigs are very social animals and don’t like being alone. I wouldn’t want another until I come back from my DR vacation for the wedding, so I have time to think about it.

I wanted to honor Skully with a little post for him. However I don’t want to make a huge deal out of it… I’m very sad but I have so many blessings going for me right now. Rather than dwell on his exit, I choose to celebrate his life and the time we had together. 💚🦴🐭


3 thoughts on “Visit with sister(s) & Guinea pig update

  1. It is so nice to see you and Julie together with your smiles. I see so much of your mother in both of you, in slightly different ways. It’s also really sweet to see you with your almost sister-in-law, Mariel. I’m happy for Scott and your family that you have a new member. xo

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