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Mom and Dad visit

It was great to see my parents over the weekend. Dad and I took Mom out for a walk. She still has a lot of energy when it comes to walking. The warm weather is sooo close, but there was some crazy wind… hopefully it only gets warmer from here.

We walked around Sagamore Hill and then visited a chicken farm. The chickens were so adorable. There were SO MANY of them! They were swarming all around us. One of them even jumped in the car!

As always, the cats loved having a huge house to run around in. Venus got quite a bit of outdoor time. Luna is slowly warming up to the big house, she still gets nervous and tends to hide on top of the piano (where she blends in) but was definitely much more comfortable this time around. She will be two-years old in a couple weeks!!!

My Etsy shop went through a dry spell but it’s picking up again now that I’m having a spring sale. I sold several psychic readings last year, but a week or so ago I sold my first physical product — mini spell jar! And just this weekend, someone else ordered a magic perfume spray, which I will be shipping out on Monday. Also, I got my first review — relieved to say it’s a five-star! Very exciting growth recently for my little business!

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