30-day challenges

30 day challenge | DAY 9 | Who are you in private vs public?

DAY 9: [HADES] Who are you in private vs public?

Hades is god of the Underworld.

My public persona is the person that I was conditioned to be through social norms and societal expectations. It is my private self but with a heavy filter. Depending on who I am with, I match up to their energy. And it’s not necessarily that I change myself for people, but different people bring out different versions of me. I will act a lot sillier around someone who’s silly, and then be more serious with someone who’s very serious, for example. I also really try to be agreeable with others so I may match someone else’s opinion even if it doesn’t completely match my beliefs; and I don’t think that’s being fake but showing empathy.

I think I have a lot of fire inside of me and I show more coolness on the surface. I don’t think many people understand how passionate I am and how deeply I feel things. I think I get a lot more upset about things than I show. But I think that my public self really values peace and does a lot of compromising to keep everyone balanced. I think there’s a lot of war and battle within my private self.


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