Mystery Monday ~ Numerology 101

Intro to numerology Numerology is a way of decoding your personality, relationships, future, etc. through the examination of numbers in your life. It is similar to, yet completely distinct from, astrology. While astrology focuses on positions of the planets and stars, numerology strictly focuses on numbers. The philosophy behind it is that each number holds… Continue reading Mystery Monday ~ Numerology 101

Personal updates

Sunshine Blogger Award #4

I was nominated by Ceridwen Silverhart for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thanks so much! 🙂 Please go check out her blog "Illuminating the Fool's Mirror." She writes thoroughly researched posts about mythology and media. I especially like her informative, mystical series about Water Horses. The Rules Thank the person who nominated you and provide a… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award #4


Flow Friday ~ if you love someone let them go

I think that space can help any relationship when you are having issues, when there have been many fights and misunderstandings. Time away from someone is risky because it can make or break what you have together. But either way it will bring clarity, and that's much better than living an illusion. If you have… Continue reading Flow Friday ~ if you love someone let them go


Flow Friday ~ your career does not define you

The way you make money does not define you... Most of us were taught as children that your career defines you. On the first day of kindergarten, your teacher asks, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" They don't ask, "how are you going to pay your bills when you're an adult?"… Continue reading Flow Friday ~ your career does not define you


End of the Mermaid Rainbow (FINAL CHAPTER)

I. Conquest of the Mystifying MermaidII. The Mermaid BallIII. To Be a MermaidIV. Mother MermaidV. The Lonely MermaidVI. The Captain & The MermaidVII. Oceana ParadiseVIII. A Mermaid’s DestinyIX. The Mermaid ProphesyX. End of the Mermaid Rainbow X. END OF THE MERMAID RAINBOW There Fuchsia stood standing face to face with Mother Mermaid, who was barely hanging… Continue reading End of the Mermaid Rainbow (FINAL CHAPTER)


Wish Wednesday ~ your special gifts

As a child, you were welcomed into a crazy world. You met so many different people. You explored so many different places. And through these experiences, you learned that it's all the same. Everyone is unique, but everyone is human. Just like you, they all have their struggles, and they all try their best. And… Continue reading Wish Wednesday ~ your special gifts

natural health

Try-it Tuesday ~ Blue Lotus tincture… FREAKY RESULTS!

Having a blog titled "Lotus Laura," I thought it would be suitable to try a blue lotus tincture. Blue lotus is a water lily flower that comes from ancient Egypt and is recognized in most of their religious artwork. They would typically consume it by soaking it in alcohol and then drinking it days later.… Continue reading Try-it Tuesday ~ Blue Lotus tincture… FREAKY RESULTS!