Mystery Monday ~ Numerology 101

Intro to numerology

Numerology is a way of decoding your personality, relationships, future, etc. through the examination of numbers in your life. It is similar to, yet completely distinct from, astrology. While astrology focuses on positions of the planets and stars, numerology strictly focuses on numbers. The philosophy behind it is that each number holds a vibration which contains its own specific characteristics.

Life is full of numbers — dates, time, places, etc. Look anywhere around you and you’ll find numbers. Also, the alphabet has a numerical order, so even words have numbers. Basically, you are surrounded by numbers, and they may affect you more than you realize.

Basic meaning behind numbers:

  • 1: New beginning, courage and bravery, dominance, independent, competitive, leadership, uniqueness, visionary, the self.
  • 2: Relationship, duality, compromise, modesty and humbleness, sensitivity, the conscious mind, team player, submissive.
  • 3: Creativity, expression, social, youth, optimism and enthusiasm, entertainment, drama, luck, attention, disorderly and scattered.
  • 4: Logical and rational, grounded and sturdy, stubbornness, conservative, marriage and home, discipline, look before you leap.
  • 5: Change, transition, the five senses, hopeful and uplifting, progressive, adaptable, unpredictable, adventure, diverse, freedom.
  • 6: Imagination, fantasy, creation, the arts, pregnancy and children, caregiving, protective, compassion, nostalgia, responsibility.
  • 7: Spirituality, philosophy, illusions, introversion and solitude, privacy, inner world, skeptical, mysterious, defensive, the mind.
  • 8: Ambition and determination, powerful, controlling and domineering, money, balance, confidence, transformation, unconscious mind.
  • 9: The final chapter, intensity, romance, wisdom, kind and selfless, old soul, patience, empathy, forgiveness, rewards, experience

Numerology uses basic math. All you really have to know is how to add, subtract, and reduce numbers. You reduce numbers by adding them together until you reach a single digit — ex: 14 –> 1 + 4 = 5.

In some cases there is an exception when final digit comes out to 11, 22, or 33 etc. known as “master numbers.”

The number zero does not have its own vibration, but amplifies the vibration of its surrounding numbers. So the energy of number “4” is amplified when it’s “40.”

Your personal numbers:

  • Life path number is found by adding the day, month, & year you were born. This is the most revealing number, showing you where to find your success. By embracing the energy of your life path number, you will be aligned with your highest calling. This number also reveals your shadow side and downfalls.
  • Birthday number is the day you were born. It represents who you are, your gifts and special talents, and your higher purpose.
  • Destiny number is found by adding the letters of the full name on your birth certificate. This represents your highest potential and the energy you are called towards. It reveals mental and physical talents. It also shows your shadow side.
  • Soul number is the number of vowels in your full name. (Y’s count if they are pronounced like a vowel.) This represents your heart’s desires, your inner self. This is the side of you that you tend to keep hidden and most people are unaware of.
  • Personality number is the number of consonants in your full name. This represents your external self, how you present yourself to the world, what others think of you.
  • Maturity number = life path number + destiny number. Represents how you will be in the latter phase of your life.
  • Attitude number = birth month + birth day. Represents the vibe you give off to others, what you bring into relationships, how you struggle or succeed in relationships… basically your overall attitude about the world.
  • Personal year = current year + attitude number. Reveals themes for you throughout the year.
  • Personal month = personal year + current month. Reveals themes for you throughout the month.
  • Personal day = personal month + current day. Weaker energy than month or year, but carries specific energy about your day.
  • Pet numbers are found by adding the letters of your pet’s name or most commonly used nickname.

My personal numerology profile:

  • My life path number is 3. Those with life path 3’s are highly creative and tend to feel called to some sort of artistic expression, such as writing, music, dance, painting, cooking, etc. They have strong imaginative energy inside of them and find it natural to communicate this. They are charismatic and often find themselves entertaining groups of people. They like to be in the spotlight and make people smile. However life path 3’s can take jokes too far as their sense of humor is so large, they can easily offend others with their bluntness and sarcasm. They can find laughter in any situation and this may disturb others. Another downfall is that they may come across as superficial, childish, and naive. Others may not take them seriously due to their enthusiastic, optimistic viewpoint. Due to their spontaneous, scattered energy, life path 3’s require strict discipline in order to reach their highest creative potential.
  • My destiny number is 8. This means I am determined to be high achiever. I have the need to be my own boss and may struggle with authority. Destiny number 8’s can be ruthlessly power-hungry and materialistic at their lowest vibration. Unless they make a point to seek balance, they will struggle with substance abuse or gambling. Ambition can turn into greediness and lack of satisfaction when they are solely focused on the material world. They like to be in control and have outstanding organizational skills. They are gifted at solving puzzles and keeping everything in order. Destiny number 8’s crave stability and structure. In this lifetime they will learn the importance of equilibrium. At their highest vibration, they are gifted at transformation and overcoming habitual battles.
  • My birthday number is 5. This means I am adventurous and adaptable to change. Birthday number 5’s often find themselves in situations where they must start over and leave the past behind. They are hopeful about the future.
  • My birthday number before reduction is 14 which carries karmic debt. (This includes 13, 16, and 19.) Specifically 14 refers to overindulgence and abuse of pleasure in past lifetime, indicates trouble with addiction, and provides the lesson of maintaining balance.
  • My soul number is 11/2. This means I am devoted, peaceful, compromising, and highly sensitive. Soul number 11/2’s feel best when they are giving to someone who offers the same in return. They are happiest in a committed relationship rather than being single. These people can see both sides to every story. With an ability to see another person’s perspective, they are powerful at persuasion. Due to their sensitivity, their emotional high’s and low’s are extreme. At their lowest vibration, the double 1’s can manifest as selfishness when they don’t have a partner to properly give and receive from.
  • My personality number is 6. Personality number 6’s come off as nurturing, sympathetic, innocent, elegant, and graceful.
  • My maturity number is 11/2. This means as I grow older, I will become more sensitive to other’s needs and feel more giving. I will have an easier time compromising and feel less of a need to force things.
  • My attitude number is 7. This means I am highly introverted. I crave privacy and solitude. I may come off to others as elusive, secretive, and mysterious. In relationships, I prefer to ask questions rather than be asked about myself. Attitude number 7’s would much rather have a deep one-on-one discussions with someone than small talk with a large group.
  • My cat is named Venus — her number is 9. This shows that she is generous, protective, and wise. I find this accurate as Venus is very attached to me, always looking out for me (protects me from the bugs!), and is one of the most kindest and caring cats I’ve ever met! I also do believe she is an old soul as she reminds me so much of my first cat (my dad’s cat, Fasha.) They say pet number 9’s have lived many lives and chances are you have already known them before!

And this is just the BASICS… I have only skimmed the surface of numerology. It’s crazy how deep it goes. I have only touched upon the information I learned in a book I purchased recently about an introduction to numerology. From a professional numerologist, you can find incredibly accurate and specific information about your personality, relationship dynamics, and destined future events.

When you study numerology, you learn so much about yourself. When it comes to personality decoder tools like this, I find it highly useful, because as we get older we tend to lose ourselves and be who the world expects us to be rather than who we truly are. So when you learn about yourself, things make sense again. And if something doesn’t resonate, it helps to examine that more closely and ask yourself why I feel I do or do not relate to this explanation.

With numerology — just like astrology, or any other metaphysical tool that tells us about ourselves and our lives — it’s important to understand that we are not bound to it. Numerology is simply a template that reflects potential. Our souls are limitless and not completely bound to this physical plane. As you ascend your spirituality, you may find yourself detaching from any negative aspects of your numbers. You may even detach from your numbers completely — both the positive and negative. Just like our bodies, our numbers are temporary and only limited to this physical lifetime. So I suggest using these tools as a guidance, but not an unchangeable sentence.


“A Beginner’s Guide to Numerology” by Joy Woodward

The info in this post is just a brief touch on what I have learned from this book. It goes into much greater detail. I suggest this book for anyone who is somewhat new to numerology.


7 thoughts on “Mystery Monday ~ Numerology 101

    1. Clever idea!!! I tried this now and got the number 5 — which is also my personality number! And personality numbers are about how you express yourself to others, so that’s very fitting for a blog! (Although if it was my destiny or life path number that would be cooler!)

      I think 5 is very representative of the lotus because it’s a transition number, and the lotus symbolizes coming out of the mud and blossoming into the world. It is halfway rooted in the water but also rises above it.

      Thanks for pointing that out. Can’t believe I did a post on numerology without considering the number of my blog name! πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š

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