My Love Affair with Zeus (short story)

The following is a fiction tale based on Greek mythology… What’s it like to feel small? When people say “I feel small,” or “you made me feel small,” it tends to be a negative connotation. It typically means feeling worthless, insignificant, unimportant. Yet “feeling small” can also come with positive emotions. It can also meanContinue reading “My Love Affair with Zeus (short story)”

Mythology of Pixies

Pixies are mythological creatures that can be compared to elves or fairies. They come from British folklore. They can also be referred to as “piskies” or “pigsies.” The earliest version of the classic “Three Little Pigs” fable is written about pixies, which was later changed to pigs. This original version comes from southern England inContinue reading “Mythology of Pixies”

How to be a Mermaid

So, you want to be a mermaid? Signs that you may already be a mermaid… You feel drawn to mermaids, the thought of being a mermaid, the entire concept and mythology of mermaids… You feel closely connected to water. You enjoy visiting the beach, oceans, and lakes. You were born or currently live near aContinue reading “How to be a Mermaid”

Journal Journey: Age 24

This journal design is almost identical to the prior. But it has this dark, gothic, witchy design. Technically, I am still 23-years old for the first month of this journal, but to make it simpler I am just classifying it as “24.” “A book about two tortured souls in misery. Simpler times.” 😅 It’s nowContinue reading “Journal Journey: Age 24”

Journal Journey: Age 23

At this point, I’m saying “this is one of my favorite covers” about almost every journal… but this one IS REALLY COOL! It has this elegant and magnificent astronomy design. I am not super proud of how I acted this year. As Blink 182 would say, “nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three.” Stuff got messy.Continue reading “Journal Journey: Age 23”

Journal Journey: Ages 22 to 23

This cover is one of my favorite designs and favorite quote! I just moved out of my parents’ home and back to my college town, a small apartment with my boyfriend at the time. I feel like I kind of dragged him into living with me because he was not financially ready. I was notContinue reading “Journal Journey: Ages 22 to 23”

Journal Journey: Ages 21 to 22

This cover has a vintage and faux-worn out feel to it. I am now on my very last semester of college! It is the end of 2016! This is just super conflicting. So I confront a recent ex friend for ditching me but she claims it was the other way around. And then I getContinue reading “Journal Journey: Ages 21 to 22”

Journal Journey: Ages 20 to 21

I feel like this journal has a vintage style to it. It’s hard to see but it says “live, love, dream, dance.” I don’t remember buying this, I think I found this around my house somewhere. This journal is super thick, like one inch. I’m writing way more frequently now. So in my last journal,Continue reading “Journal Journey: Ages 20 to 21”

Journal Journey: Ages 19 to 20

This journal is so pretty! I also love this, because this is the point in which I decide to journal with different colored pens instead of the classic blue or black. By the end of my last journal, I am really trying to focus more on spirituality. At this point, it’s summer ‘14, and I’mContinue reading “Journal Journey: Ages 19 to 20”