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Journal Journey: Age 24

This journal design is almost identical to the prior. But it has this dark, gothic, witchy design.

Technically, I am still 23-years old for the first month of this journal, but to make it simpler I am just classifying it as “24.”

A book about two tortured souls in misery. Simpler times.” 😅

It’s now March of 2019 and I am in the midst of what will be a very long and drawn out breakup.

I was having feelings for someone else but I was really, really struggling to let go of the past, and they were struggling to let go of me. But there were so many clear signs that something was very wrong. Fear can keep you stuck in toxic situations. Do not underestimate the power of fear…

But I am starting to do fun things again and hang out with friends. The city visit was with my sister and I will never forget the full moon breathwork class! Probably one of my favorite experiences! That is where I met Mack and the Zodiac! The Kellogg’s cereal place was so cool — they ended up shutting it down!!! So glad we went!

I’m making plans to move into my friend’s house and live with her, but the whole situation is iffy, she’s having problems with her current roommate who may or may not move out. It’s really tricky trying to figure out my moving plans.

At this point I am finally learning the value of boundaries, not just going along with what everyone tells me to do, learning how to stick up for myself when people try to push me around. This is a great breaking point. And I see that true change needs to be made. I can’t just sit here and let the universe happen, I have to take action.

This part I have written is so beautiful! Now I am getting much more into blogging and I can see that I am making a beneficial difference! To see people grow and be inspired by my writing is the best gift!

In late August my Gram has passed away, at the same time Mom is suffering serious memory issues. I don’t think I have really processed anything at this point.

Success is totally scarier than failure.

My family and I take a trip to Chicago to visit my brother. So I tend to have a small mental breakdown every time I travel, it’s just a lot of stress for me, so I usually end up crying for no reason at some point. This time, during the trip, I have a moment of sadness but I have learned how to shove my feelings down. Instead, my Mom starts crying for no reason. I feel like she has taken on my energy in that moment, and all of us are comforting her, yet it feels like she is the one who is comforting me.

So I found out at the end that I had been writing in my journal upside-down the whole time. 😅 That symbol at the bottom of every page is supposed to be at the top. My whole life is just upside-down.


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