Palmistry archetypes: Apollo

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Luna. Each palm shows one, two, or three dominant archetypes.


The mount of Apollo will be juicy, with a clear line in the middle (kind of looks like a butt!) It looks like a “double mount.” The line of Apollo could be present, running down all the way to the wrist. Other fingers may curve towards the Apollo finger. It is likely taller than the Jupiter finger.


Apollians have big, bright eyes, are often smiling and laughing. Their body is more on the athletic and muscular side. They typically have some thickness to them, usually not overweight but it depends. They have very pleasant faces.

Apollians can range in height, but usually average in overall size. Their voices can be animated and comical. Their expressions are noticeable as they wear their heart on their sleeve. Their wardrobe is usually sparkly and flashy.

General description

Apollonians are the life of the party. They love to have fun, entertain others, and indulge themselves with pleasure. Lovers of the arts, they really enjoy going to museums, watching good films, and listening to music. Very positive attitudes, they are often seen smiling and laughing. However, they can be quick to anger with fiery tempers. But their anger fades just as fast as it comes, as they do not hold grudges. Very much free spirits, they like to go with the flow and live in the moment. They don’t think too hard about the past or the future. Making plans is something they avoid, as they value spontaneity.

Scattered energy, Apollonians are all over the place. They are the jack of all trades; rather than a single niche, they have a whole list of passions and interests. Wanting to accomplish it all, they tend to spread themselves too thin, which prevents them from making true progress. It’s a struggle for them to push themselves — they despise hard work and labor. They like to earn things the easy way. They’re very relaxed, but sometimes too relaxed to the point that their life can become easily messy and disorganized.

Apollonians love attention and flattery, and crave validation. Being in the spotlight is where they feel best. If you want to win them over, simply compliment them excessively, and they’ll be putty in your hands! Apollonians are blunt and speak their minds, which can be off-putting for some. Less on the practical and intellectual side, Apollonians do have strong intuitions. They act on their feelings. They can be strongly attracted to the occult and esoteric.

Social status

Apollonians are extroverted. They tend to be very popular, well-liked, with a lot of friends. They like to go out to parties, explore the city, etc.

They are similar to Jupiterians in that they both like being the center of attention. However, Jupiterians crave dominance, power, and authority; meanwhile Apollonians just want to entertain and make people laugh — responsibility stresses them out!

Love & romance

Apollonians are very sexual and loving — however, sex is not their #1 priority, and they do enjoy being with someone who they have an emotional connection with. Very in touch with their body, they are the first ones to get naked.

Apollonians desire romance, but they dislike being tied down and struggle with commitment. Open relationships or non-monogamy may appeal to them. They are likely to marry, but just as likely to divorce — as their relationships move very quickly, they come and go.

Their life tends to be a series of falling in and out of love. They truly value romance and dislike being single. Having a partner makes them feel attractive and validated.

Career path

Generally, career is not much of a focus for Apollonians, as they dislike hard work and struggle with accomplishment. Craving diversity, they often switch between jobs and career paths. They may have multiple side-jobs rather than one, full-time job.

  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Writing
  • Film, music, entertainment
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Public relations
  • Sales
  • Occult, new age, spirituality

Money & possessions

Apollonians struggle with saving money and investing in the future, as they are always living in the moment. But they typically do not need much to be happy. Money is generally not a focus for them, as they prefer to prioritize romantic or spiritual endeavors.

Overall, they are not huge savers but also not huge spenders, so their finances are usually quite average and steady. They feel that “money does not buy happiness.” Typically, they would rather spend money on traveling rather than on possessions.


Luckily, Apollonians tend to have great health. The only thing to really watch out for is possible heart problems. They have sensitive eyes and usually poor vision.


Apollonians are very spiritual, but in a completely nontraditional way. They are unlikely to belong to organized religion, instead following a non-dogmatic belief system. They are attracted to esoteric knowledge such as palmistry, astrology, numerology, tarot, etc.

Being extroverted, Apollonians are open and talkative about their beliefs. It’s not something that they will strictly keep to themselves. They like to teach others esoteric knowledge, or belong to a spiritual community. You are likely to see them at a yoga class, or a witch’s coven, or an ayahuasca retreat.

Shadow side

Even the “villain Apollonians” do not have much of a dark side. The bad ones are still fairly “good.”

Weaknesses include being overly flashy and obnoxious, drawing too much attention to themselves, stirring up controversy, notoriety, arrogance, being obnoxious and having a big ego. They struggle with commitment and dealing with serious matters.

They can be prone to partying too much — alcoholism, substance abuse, and insomnia.

Celebrity examples

Kesha has a clear line on her mount of Apollo. This singer is very free-spirited, flirty, spontaneous, and in touch with her body. She also has an affinity for esoteric knowledge. Her music has always been extremely positive, fun, and unique.

Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons, has a strong Apollonian influence. You can see the crease in his mount of Apollo from a mile away. His music is very energetic and confident. You can tell from music videos that he and his band do not take themselves too seriously and have a lot of fun with their sound.

Britney Spears is very Apollonian. Her disposition is sunshine-y and high spirited. She certainly displays a temper when she feels threatened, especially through her unfortunate conservatorship battle. Overall, she shows a positive attitude and is absolutely a free spirit!


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