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What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Everybody has a spirit animal — most have several of them! A spirit animal is a type of animal you feel connected with: through personality traits, sometimes even physical characteristics, but mainly it is something you feel deep within.

(If you don’t know yours, take this quiz!)

Ancient traditions say that spirit animals serve the purpose of guiding and protecting your soul, helping you align with your highest spiritual path. However there are also many modern and practical reasons for becoming aware of your spirit animal(s)…

  • Gain a better understanding of who you are, your wants and needs, your perception of life…
  • Feel connected to your animal instincts and wild nature…
  • Find appreciation for animals and honor what they can teach us…
  • Understand how unique each person is by acknowledging diversity of the animal kingdom…
  • Figure out what your life purpose is, and what your true passions are…
  • Work with your strengths and weaknesses to create a better life for yourself…

…and that is only the beginning!

So, what’s your spirit animal?

Cat: All cat people are independent, curious, clever, determined, sensitive, playful, introverted, and strong-minded.

  • Lion: The only social species of the big cat kingdom, lion people like to make friends but prefer a close, small group that they can stick with. The are extremely loyal and take trust very seriously. They would never betray anyone. Lion people can be super loud and flamboyant, enjoying attention and making others laugh. However they do not show that deep down they are extremely fragile and sensitive. They possess enough strength to hide their fears and insecurities.
  • Tiger: Tiger people are the least social of all. They require a great amount of alone time in order to keep their sanity. They love traveling, exploring, learning new things and seeing new places — but completely on their own. They are very deep thinkers and always have a lot on their mind, preferring to be in their heads rather than talking their heads off. Although they come off as cold, they are actually extremely soft and playful with a childlike sense of humor. You just need to respect their space.
  • Cheetah: The only species that chases after their prey rather than stalk it, cheetah people waste no time and go after exactly what they want. They have little patience, refuse to wait around. These people are boldly determined and never hold back. Their fearless energy allows them to face challenges head-on.
  • Leopard: Leopard people are the ultimate detectives. They are gifted when it comes to cracking codes and solving clues. They have the power to manipulate others into getting what they want. You cannot hide secrets from these people for long, as they will quickly discover the truth.
  • Cougar: Cougar people are powerful and dominant. Strong feminine energy, as these people are emotionally intelligent, intuitively connected, and sensually graceful. They know exactly what they want and go after it, no matter what anyone else thinks. They are confident enough to pursue their heart’s desire.
  • Housecat: housecat people may come off as domesticated but are indeed still wild! They are shy and sensitive at first and very picky about who they open up to — gravitating to loners and other introverts. They can be extremely affectionate at times, only around those they trust. These people are a lot of fun and love to play — big imaginations, as they absolutely despise boredom. At times they can be naive and delusional. But they can also be sassy with a lot of attitude. They are captivated by mysteries and anything related to the paranormal.
    • Bengal people are split between wild and domesticated. They are polite and well-mannered when they need to be, and go crazy when the time is right.
    • Maine coon people are friendly and humble. They have a warm energy. They love hard, often unaware of their intensity.
    • Siamese cat people are shy and sensitive but still think highly of themselves. They are perfectionists and like everything to be neat and organized.
    • Persian cat people are quiet and introverted. An ideal Saturday night for them is laying on the couch by the fire with a cup of tea and a good book.

Dog: Dog people are loyal, friendly, childlike, expressive, outgoing, dominant, extroverted and open-minded.

  • Dog: Domesticated dog people are eager to see the world. They tend to make friends very easily and are very social. At times they can be blindly optimistic and overly trusting of others. It breaks their heart to let others down, which is why they can be clingy and people-pleasing. They have a strong need to express themselves and have their emotions seen, whether it be through words or physical activity such as sports, dance, or working out. These people have great charisma due to their warm and open nature. Dog people are young at heart, no matter their age.
    • Labrador/Golden retriever people are friendly and get along with everyone. They have high energy and require a lot of space to express themselves. They love so hard that some people can’t handle it. Their admiration and acceptance of others is unconditional. Firm believers in karma, they always do the right thing and then feel that positive energy returned back from the universe.
    • Bulldog/Pug people are sweet but with an attitude. They can be very stubborn. Fiercely determined, they focus hard on their goals and refuse distraction. These people are confident and will never boast or beg because they are keenly aware of their strengths.
    • Beagle people are likable and can make friends easily. They are organized, responsible, and accountable of themselves. They also have precise focus and always accomplish their goals.
    • Chihuahua people are gifted with beautiful looks and often showered with attention. They can be bratty and spoiled rotten. Others feel a need to take care of them, which they adore. However they are picky about who they trust because of their fragile nature.
    • Pit bull people appear tough on the surface but are actually sweet and sensitive deep down. Others are intimidated by them until they get to know their true colors. They are overly generous and go above and beyond for their loved ones.
  • Wolf: Wolf people are old souls. While they still have a sweet and playful nature, it does not usually show. They are very serious on the surface. While socializing is easy for them, they will only associate with their own pack — people they know for sure who they can trust. They value alone time but still have an extremely selfless nature. Wolf people are highly protective and possessive over the people they love. Also, they are drawn to the moon.

Birds: Bird people are balanced, harmonious, observant, social, easy-going, curious, rebellious, and free.

  • Backyard birds: This refers to species such as blue Jays and red robins, that you see in suburban backyards. Backyard bird people are highly social — they love to talk, especially gossip. However they also make wonderful listeners. They love to “people watch” — see what others are doing, try to figure out their dynamics. Bird people are very curious about the world and want to make an impact. At the same time, they are homebodies who put a lot of work into making their home look nice. They are torn between radical freedom and the comfort of safety.
  • Bat: Bat people have a dark, heavy energy. They can be very intense. However they are still good-natured people who want to protect others. They are not afraid to dive deep into the darkness of life. These people are constantly transforming themselves, shedding old skin and rebirthing into someone new. Their life is full of changes and lacks steadiness or routine. They often have insomnia and are up all night while preferring to sleep though the day.
  • Owl: Owl people also love staying up all night. They are old souls with a lot of wisdom and good judgment, never one to make rash decisions. They are extremely observant and pick up on everything. They always know what’s going on and never miss a thing. These people are drawn to the unknown and unafraid of exploring the dark side.
  • Eagle: Eagle people are true freedom-lovers who value independence and individuality. Respect is very important to them. They treat everyone as their equals and never think too highly of themselves. These people are righteous, virtuous, and honorable. Justice is important to them as they believe everyone deserves a voice.
  • Penguin: Penguin people have great self-discipline and determination. They have a set of personal rules they live by. These people are graceful, dazzling, and always seem to accomplish everything with ease. Their selfless nature makes them good eggs: they always do the right thing. They are optimistic and keep hope through the tough times.

Insect: insect people are extremely misunderstood. They are strong, smart, talented, selfless, ambitious, and powerful.

  • Spider: Spider people are super intimidating — many are scared, jealous, and threatened of their outward appearance of external confidence. However, these perfectionists are simply very talented at hiding their fears. Highly independent and strong feminine energy, spider people are attuned to their intuition and the psychic world. When they set their mind on a goal, nothing can stand in the way of their fierce determination. They put their ALL into their craft and will settle for nothing less. They prefer being alone and will devour anyone who gets in their way. Spider people really do have big hearts and ultimately want to protect their loved ones from the harshness of the world.
  • Ant: Ant people are incredibly strong, both mentally and physically. They have a strong work ethic — while some people say “work hard, play hard,” ant people just say “work, work, work!” They try to stay busy and feel their best when they are of service to others. Ant people are all about the community. They feel useless if they are not helping others. Most of them spend their free time volunteering or taking on extra shifts at work. They are social but have no patience for small talk or casual hangouts — they like to be part of groups or clubs that focus on pursuing goals.
  • Grasshopper: Grasshopper people have a lot of wisdom. They prefer to be alone and in their own thoughts. They are always moving from place to place, traveling by themselves. At times they can be indecisive. These people are very peaceful with a zen energy.
  • Butterfly: Butterfly people are transformative. They are constantly learning and being tested. They are socially gifted, easy to talk to, and admired by many. Their upbeat and relatable energy makes it easy for them to connect with others. However they are still highly independent and always need a little time to chill out and process their thoughts.
  • Ladybug: Ladybug people have strong feminine energy. They always present themselves with poise and grace. These people are very lucky and attract abundance. They always seem to get what they want. There is a magical charm they possess.

Aquatic: Aqua people are easygoing, peaceful, dreamy, agreeable, harmonious, steady, sensual, empathetic, and have go-with-the-flow attitudes.

  • Fish: Fish people are very social and like to be with others. They are comfortable and relaxed with themselves, no need to prove anything to anyone or take control. They would rather have someone else lead them or tell them where to go and what to do. They find it more relaxing to let someone else call the shots. Peace is vital for their well-being. They treasure silence. Fish people do their best to avoid stress and conflict. “Can’t we all just get along?” is their motto.
  • Dolphin: Dolphin people are super playful and bubbly. They have a huge sense of humor and are constantly laughing or giggling. They love to tell jokes and even play pranks. Although they may come off as aloof, they are actually quite intelligent and clever. They use their zesty energy to keep the vibes between everyone harmonious. Dolphin people really want to see others happy, and keep all things positive.
  • Shark: Shark people are powerful and successful. Due to their tremendous ambition and determination, they always get what they want. Their focus is razor-sharp. At times, they can even be ruthless. No one can ever get in their way. Although most resistant of all the aquatic animals, shark people use patience and balance to achieve their goals.
  • Whale: Whale people are born natural leaders. “Go big or go home” is their motto, as they do everything with big energy. They stand out from the group and make their unique presence known. They always speak their truth and have no time for petty drama. These people have big dreams that they are not afraid to chase.
  • Sea otter: Sea otter people are fun, wild, and crazy. Extremely passionate, they always follow their heart. Super playful and energetic, these childlike souls never truly grow up. They are immensely connected to their intuition and highly aware of their emotional needs.

Rodent: Rodent people are sweet, gentle, shy, submissive, feisty, sassy, hyper, silly, and childlike.

  • Rabbit: Rabbit people are very shy and quiet at first, and take a while to open up. They are extremely sensitive and will quickly run away from anyone who hurts them. They are also very excitable, bubbly, and energetic. Their energy is super playful. They love to giggle and be silly. At times they can be stubborn.
  • Mouse: Mouse people are extremely timid. They are generally very humble and aware of their limits. They are soft-spoken and never one to participate in arguments or debates. Being extra sensitive, they are easily intimidated by the world. However, mouse people are incredibly clever and prove that you don’t have to be big and loud to be powerful.
  • Rat: Rat people are loyal and kind. Although misunderstood at first, their carefree nature makes it easy to win over friends. They are brave and adventurous with a healthy amount of caution. Generally they are cheerful and optimistic, but will sternly defend themselves when they need to.
  • Guinea pig: Guinea pig people are natural healers, adept at helping others. They can be shy at first but eager to get to know others and enjoy socializing. They have a youthful glow. Their playful nature makes them very fun to be with; they love being silly. These people are also intelligent and always open to learning new things.
  • Squirrel: Squirrel people are the life of the party! They remind others not to take life so seriously. They are wild and crazy, and unafraid to show it! They are also vastly resourceful and skilled at getting what they want. Their greatest weakness is their short attention span, as their mind is always bouncing all over the place.

Reptile (& Amphibians:) Reptile people are intelligent, patient, rational, unique, creative, clever, calculated, calm, quiet, and independent.

  • Snake: Snake people are intimidating due to their confident and graceful composure. Exceptionally clever, they can outsmart anyone. They are fierce and always prepared to fight their enemies — ruthlessly. These people are sly and secretive — you never know what’s on their mind. Attracted to danger, they will utilize conflict to grow from the challenge and learn life’s lessons in order to reinvent themselves as brand new person. Due to their logical nature, they may appear cold and emotionless. They have few friends and prefer spending time alone. They are intelligent and enjoy reading books.
  • Turtle: Turtle people are wise, old souls. They come off as hard on the surface because they have been through a lot, but are actually extremely fragile and must be treated with care. They have resiliant patience, as they understand that all good things take time. These slow-movers accomplish a lot because they never burn out. Turtle people have a lot of great stories and are willing to share with anyone who listens. They enjoy attention but would much rather be alone than waste their time on those who don’t deserve them.
  • Lizard: Lizard people are easy-going and non-resistant. Adaptable to change, they tend to go with the flow. They like to chill, relax, and take things slow. They are modest and sometimes underestimate their own abilities.
  • Frog: Frog people are adaptable. They are skilled at maintaining balance between the physical world (land) and the emotional world (water.) They are in touch with their emotional needs and take rational approaches to meeting them. Your moves are always calculated and supported by logic — with an added leap of faith.

Livestock: Farm animal people are submissive, quiet, focused, kind, giving, sweet, polite, cheerful, and well-mannered.

  • Horse: Horse people are concerned with maintaining a good reputation. They want people to like them and think highly of them. They are torn between their competitive nature verses their people-pleasing nature. They want people to think they are winners, but they never want anyone to feel like a loser. Horse people value material comforts and luxury, attracted to a wealthy lifestyle. Their ethics and moral character are strong; their hearts are made of gold. They are humble and underestimate how fierce and powerful they truly are.
  • Cow: Cow people are tenderhearted and sympathetic. They are natural caregivers with a motherly energy. They understand what it means to pay it forward and sacrifice oneself. Their giving nature makes them eager to help others.
  • Pig: Pig people tend to always have the best of luck. They are fortunate and prosperous. They are kind, generous, truthful, and honorable. On the other hand, at times they can be selfish and lazy. These people have a big sense of humor and don’t mind making fun of themselves.
  • Goat: Goat people have enough patience and stubbornness to accomplish all of their goals in good time. They are balanced people who never resort to extreme measures. They are classy and prefer quality of quantity.
  • Duck: Duck people have a lot of feelings and a need to express themselves. They care deeply for others and are sensitive to pain. However, they can also be super silly and lighthearted, cracking jokes and pulling pranks.
  • Chicken: Chicken people are lighthearted and optimistic. They are silly and big fans of corny jokes. They have a happy-go-lucky attitude that keeps them feeling positive. They are fortunate, gifted, and blessed. These people have unique and eccentric personalities. They are easily scared and quick to run way from conflict.

Miscellaneous: The following are distinct animals that do not fit into any groups. These people have strong personalities and are very sure of who they are.

  • Fox: Fox people are the most clever of them all. They can always outsmart anyone. Their minds are razor-sharp with an ability to think faster than most. They are extremely charismatic and know how to win over anyone. Everybody likes them because of their charm as well as their good looks. They are old souls with a lot of wisdom. However they are still young at heart with a playful and sometimes mischievous energy.
  • Deer: Deer people are gentle and compassionate. Selfless and giving, they always put others first. It takes them a while to open up due to their vulnerable nature and fear of being taken advantage of. They have an innocent, childlike perspective of life — seeing the beauty and purity of everything. Many are attracted to to their magical, enchanting aura. They tend to stare at people and places with awe.
  • Monkey: Monkey people can be very smart, serious, and intense. But generally, they just want to have fun and play games. They have a youthful energy coupled with a clever sense of humor. Pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims is their favorite. Sometimes they can get a little too wild, quick to start arguments with others and stir up trouble. Still, they have great respect for everyone.
  • Elephant: Elephant people are genuine and trustworthy. They make great leaders but also make just as great followers, due to their strength and empathy. “Forgive but never forget,” is their motto, as they have impressionable memories. Although they do not hold grudges, they still tend to old wounds in order to learn life’s lessons. These people are very wise and spiritual.

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