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QUIZ ~ What’s my spirit animal?

Read the following paragraphs and decide which one feels most relatable to you. Take note of the color and scroll down for the next set of instructions. You do not have to agree with every single statement. There is also a “grey” option to choose if you feel that none of the other colors fit.

I‘m independent; I can get along well with others but prefer to spend most of my time alone or with a few people I can trust. I am very curious about the unknown and willing to do almost anything to get the answers to my questions. I have a fierce determination and no one can get in my way. My unshakable ambition helps me conquer my goals. I do what I want and despise being ordered around. I’m always thinking, always in my head — which is how I always figure things out. I love messing around with people and pushing their buttons. I genuinely enjoy having fun and being silly with everyone. I can be extremely affectionate but only on my own terms, with those who respect my space and who I know I can trust. I’m interested in unexplained mysteries and conspiracy theories. I feel peculiarly drawn to aliens.

I am more of a follower than a leader. I am good at compromising and meeting other people’s needs. I like to help others and be of service. It’s important that people consider me a “good person.” I want others to know how much I care. People say I’m a great listener. I’m very empathic and tend to take on other people’s pain. I think it’s necessary to have good manners. I tend to be a very cheerful and upbeat person, always looking on the bright side of life. Laughing and cracking jokes is the best! I’m exceptionally cautious when it comes to taking risks, although I still try to push myself a bit out of my comfort zone. I don’t like to go against the grain. Too much change can be overwhelming for me. I am exceptionally empathetic and sensitive. I am accommodating and do not like making a scene.

I cherish my freedom. I think everyone should have the right to do whatever they want, as long as no one gets hurt. I like to chat with others so that I can figure out what’s going on with their lives, as well as what their friends are doing. When I’m out, I’ll tune into strangers’s conversations to hear what they’re talking about. I’m highly aware of my surroundings and always looking around. I believe moderation is key. I would rather compromise than make a fuss. I will always do the right thing even if no one else is, and I will always stick up for the underdog. I try my best to keep things fair for everyone, I believe we all deserve a voice. I’m interested in criminal law and politics. I like to read the news and feel like I’m keeping up with the world.

I have an optimistic and hopeful attitude. When I’m friends with someone, I stick with them for life — unless they betray me. I enjoy meeting new people and have the ability to sense right away if I can trust them or not: if I can, I’ll open up immediately, but if I get bad vibes, then I’ll keep my distance. I have a big heart and I love to tell people how much I love them! Sometimes I can be possessive over my loved ones but it’s only because I care about them so much. I’m not afraid to express my truth and tell people how I feel. I like to rely on others and feel like I can be codependent, it makes me feel safe. I’m young at heart and will always have that childlike sense of wonder and joy. The smallest things excite me. I see everything from an innocent perspective and always offer benefit of the doubt.

Peacefulness and calmness is essential to my well-being. I would never pick a fight or start an argument; I do my best to avoid drama. Sometimes I find myself drifting away and fantasizing about what I want. I have a lot of wishes. I do not really have any enemies because I’m so easy to get along with. I’m in touch with my feelings but I don’t let them carry me away. I’m also highly aware of other people’s feelings. Many people cannot see how deep my emotions run because I’m so cool on the surface. I don’t like to make a big deal about things. I am particularly interested in philosophy and new ways of thinking; I’m very open-minded. I am a pleasure-seeking individual: I would much rather be happy and get what I want, than constantly striving, sacrificing, and exhausting myself for no good reason. I will always choose the path of least resistance.

I am much more logical than emotional. I make my decisions thoroughly and rationally — never on impulse. Before acting, I think about it first. I do not like being the center of attention, or showing off. I enjoy learning new things and being challenged. When it comes to playing any type of game, I prefer puzzle-type. I am talented at reading people, figuring out how they function, and seeing how truthful they really are. I do not trust many because it’s so easy for me to see through deception. I would rather be by myself then spend time with people who are fake and disingenuous I’m an old soul who would prefers being alone and at peace over running around, making mistakes and getting hurt. I’ve learned a lot and truly grown from all the negative experiences of my past.

I’m easily excitable and I can laugh at anything. Being silly and messing around is so much fun for me. I wish people would take life less seriously. I feel that many people have harsh energies that I prefer to hide away from. It takes a very long time for me to open up to someone. But once I do, I can be really crazy. I have a lot of stamina. Too much caffeine for me is dangerous. My ideal night out would be going to a comedy club. I am not one to start a fight as I tend to avoid conflict, but I will defend myself when I need to. Sometimes I have too much attitude. Going to the gym is therapeutic for me because I have a lot of energy — I prefer the treadmill or elliptical. I seem to be blessed with abundance, and yet I am always striving for more. I like to be challenged a healthy amount, however I can get easily frustrated when I lose my patience.

Everybody always seems to either overestimate me or underestimate me. They judge me before getting to know me. Many do not realize how strong I am, because I do not show off. Some people seem to be intimidated or threatened by me. I like to spend my time working on projects: either personal or for the community. I have several hobbies. I like to either teach myself new skills or go to classes. I am in good physical condition because I do a lot of active labor. Whatever I’m doing, I must always give it my all! I like to accomplish things that I can feel proud of. Everything I do is ultimately in hopes of helping the greater good. I am a very responsible person, never one to pin the blame on anyone else; I will even take ownership for things beyond my control. I believe it is my duty to give back while I am here on Earth.

None of the above statements accurately describe me, or they are all very mixed. I am very unique and feel like I don’t fit into a box.

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