I made a podcast!

I made a podcast called “Ancient Mysteries and Mythologies” which is available through Anchor and Spotify. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!! I thought it would be fun to voice-record my favorite and most popular blog posts. I never thought I would do this, but I thought, why not give it a try. People seem to gravitateContinue reading “I made a podcast!”

1,000 followers + update

Thanks so much to all of my followers!!! Today I passed 1,000!!! So exciting!!! This past weekend, I went to a concert for the first time since fall 2019… pre-Covid! I felt very safe because they required everyone there to show proof of vaccination. I also feel that basically everyone has caught Covid at thisContinue reading “1,000 followers + update”

Primeval Pixie ~ NEW BLOG NAME!

I first opened up this blog in 2016 as “Lotus Laura” (lotuslaura94!) Since then, it’s been a great run. I stuck with the name because I know that changing blog names can be confusing for everyone else! Lots of things have changed since 2016. When I first began this blog, it was more about keepingContinue reading “Primeval Pixie ~ NEW BLOG NAME!”

Rheumatoid / health update

I saw a rheumatologist for the first time today. I booked my appointment a couple months ago, and today was finally the day. 😬 I explained to the nurse how I’ve had debilitating joint pain and swelling come and go in different areas for the past year and a half. At first she seemed dissuasiveContinue reading “Rheumatoid / health update”

Re-introducing days of the week (site update)

About a year ago or so I changed the format of my blog so that posts were organized by day of the week and I aimed to post daily. Now, daily posts are still no longer my goal anymore, but I am bringing back the same format. At first my banners were planetary, then IContinue reading “Re-introducing days of the week (site update)”

Health update #3 ~ pushing forward

Yet another health update, which I will be most likely doing a lot more of. I would like to title these updates something like “RA journey” or “autoimmune update” or something along those lines… which I hesitate to do at this point. Although, I am still very sure that I am dealing with RA. AsContinue reading “Health update #3 ~ pushing forward”

Catching up ~ Venus turns five & other updates

Happy birffday, V-gurl! Venus, my kitty cat, turned five years old last Friday! I’m so grateful for five years of good health and hope for many years more. I ordered her a FLOPPY FISH online as her present, which sadly has not arrived yet! But I was sure to reward her with many extra treats,Continue reading “Catching up ~ Venus turns five & other updates”

My home tour — update!

So I made a few changes since my first “home tour” I showed. Just small changes! Keep in mind that I’m still focused on minimalism and keeping everything spacious. I moved my tv and couch back into the living room area. Before, it was in my bedroom. This area felt like wasted space and IContinue reading “My home tour — update!”