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Re-introducing days of the week (site update)

About a year ago or so I changed the format of my blog so that posts were organized by day of the week and I aimed to post daily. Now, daily posts are still no longer my goal anymore, but I am bringing back the same format. At first my banners were planetary, then I switched to pastel, and now I have made new banners that sort of combine the two. I found these super cute planet graphics (thanks to Sketchify for free use)!

Before, in August, I changed my homepage to a Halloween theme I was planning to keep up all of fall. But shortly after making those changes, something really terrible happened to me — well a few terrible things actually! It honestly completely knocked me out of the Halloween spirit. I had plans to make so many Halloween posts, but the universe began to rain heavy on me and I lost ALL of my inspiration towards that. I was still blogging often, but since then I haven’t really found it inside of me to write anything specifically relating to that.

When something really horrible happens, I see it as the universe pushing me to take a different direction. As much as I love Halloween, this is not where my mind is at right now, and I won’t force myself to write these themed posts if there’s this blockage. I really liked this prior idea I had of writing posts by the theme of the day, it brought more structure and focus into my life which I needed. I feel that I gave up on it too quickly, maybe because I aimed to write every single day. This time I’m going to be a little more relaxed about it and simply blog when I can — making the time without forcing the time. There is a difference between effort/dedication verses forcing something that resists.

So I am going backwards to continue on with an idea I gave up on. I am also trying to bring back healthy habits like my daily routine list, meal prepping, planning ahead and setting goals. I feel that I really lost my focus.

But I am also bringing in newness. I think about my blog, and what do I want it to be? I know this is public and there are people watching, what do I want my readers to get out of this? What I have been thinking about for a while now, is inner child healing. This means healing the child inside of you, the vulnerable and authentic self that hides behind the protective ego you created as you grew older.

There are so many talented writers out there who use such descriptive language; I understand my style of writing is more basic than that, which I would say for a good reason, to fulfill a specific purpose. The world certainly needs those writers who bring depth and sophistication to stimulate the intellect, just as the world needs writers like myself who are here to speak to a different part of you — the inner child. We are all born with specific styles and that’s because of our specific purposes.

What I really plan to focus on, as I already have begun to, is the rabbit hole of the imagination. I used to be ashamed of my overactive imagination, but now I see it for what it is, and that is a superpower. I still feel some shame in embracing imagination, but I’m learning now about how powerful it is. Everyone here is in dire need of inner child healing and it begins with remembering how to use your imagination.

My blog will be sort of changing, yet sort of staying the same… not all at once, but gradually… so brace yourself for something different… eventually… I’m nervous but excited.


7 thoughts on “Re-introducing days of the week (site update)

  1. Some interesting ideas. I have also developed an interest in inner child healing and last year discovered the blog Dwell in Magic by Jessica Dimas. She’s got a lot of interesting articles on her blog though I haven’t checked them out for awhile.
    2 podcasts you might be interested in if you haven’t discovered yet Comfy Cozy Witch by Jenny Blonde mostly about witchraft, and I recently discovered Otherworldly Oracle blog and they also have a podcast.
    Comfy Cozy Witch also has a cool Facebook Group that’s a really lovely community.

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    1. Thanks!! Oooohh, neat! I just checked out her website and I love it, can’t wait to look into it more. I follow Comfy Cozy Witch on instagram and love her, I’ve been meaning to check out her podcast!! Definitely gonna get on that! Ooooo haven’t heard of Otherworldy Oracle but sounds like just my thing. Thanks for the recommendations, seriously appreciate it!! 😀


  2. No worries. I just happened to find another on Pinterest a lady by the name of Beth Burch from Couldron and Brew (great name for a witchy blog). Seriously I got to stop I follow too many blogs and YouTube channels. I have found many of the blogs I follow on Pinterest.

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    1. Ahhh, I love Pinterest… and Youtube… and blogs… hahaha I love them all! I say that you can never have enough. I will add that one to my list and please feel free to send any other new recommendations that come up. And I will do the same!!

      Not sure if you’ve heard of “To Be Magnetic” which has workshops for manifestation, some are paid courses (including an inner child healing course I may try) and also some free exercises. I actually haven’t tried any of it yet but I have heard good things about it and hoping to try soon!

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  3. Will do. As a matter of fact after I sent my last message I found a post from the website and by didi clarke. Both have a lot of useful info on how to get started with Wicca and witchcraft which I will be using in my studiesas I find it hard to get books on witchcraft from my local library as you can only borrow them for a limited time because there’s a waiting list, and there’s heaps of books I’d love to buy but can’t right now so the internet is my only option for now.

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    1. Oooohhh those both sound great!!! Books are great but I agree with the library issue, and when you’re constantly buying new books it becomes costly. The internet can still be a very reliable source when you look into the right places.

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