This is going to be less of an article-type and more freestyle/personal.

When I was around the age 17/18, like finishing up high school and just starting college, was when I really took steps to take care of my mental health because I realized my anxiety had become more of an issue than I was actually aware of. And my life became so much better because of it. Senior year of high school I really got into yoga and tea, which was much more healing for my wellbeing than I would’ve guessed. But that was just the start. Then I took more steps to take care of myself not just on the outside, but also my inside.

So yeah, then life got a lot better. And then I just thought I was getting better and my anxiety was disappearing and no longer an issue. So I slowly stopped making an effort to help myself, and it was so gradual that I didn’t realize I was getting worse again. I guess it was wishful thinking. One less thing to worry about or spend time and energy on.

And then somewhat recently I read something that totally shocked me, although makes sense now. When you have any type of condition like for example a lot of anxiety, it actually gets worse with age. It doesn’t just naturally get better. It gets worse, but only if left ignored. If you keep helping yourself, then with age comes experience and practice, and that is how it gets better. But only with applied work and awareness.

And so there’s someone in my life who reminded me of this and I’m grateful. And I’m not going to be all prideful and say that I can do everything on my own. And I’m not afraid anymore to admit when I need someone’s help. It’s okay to need someone, if you can trust them. That really does not make you weak. It takes a lot of strength to reach out.


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