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Wish Wednesday ~ it starts with YOU!

You can only manifest positive things when you are in a positive mindset!

If you’re in a negative mindset, a low vibration, a pessimistic attitude — you will only manifest negativity.

Manifesting is something we are all doing, constantly, whether we are conscious of it or not. Without even thinking about it, your subconscious thoughts are controlling your life. You are always telling the universe what you want, whether you’re aware of it or not.

It has less to do with what you say or think, and everything to do with what you believe. If you believe you are strong and capable, you’ll get what you deserve. But if you believe deep down that you are unworthy, then you’ll never receive exactly what you’re hoping for.

Sometimes a positive influence comes headed your way, even when you’re feeling down. There are external influences beyond our control, fated events, destined occurrences — happenings that go even further beyond our own subconscious programming — you could call this from God Himself, or Herself, or Source Itself, or even “randomness.”

Some argue that we are 100% in control of our lives, and that with enough programming, your conscious mind can work with your subconscious mind to call all the shots. I do believe this to a certain extent — that many things we consider “outside of our control” is actually simply “inside our awareness.” For example: patterns of self-sabotage can be broken when you learn to truly love yourself; techniques such as meditation, hypnotism, mantras, yoga, music and sound, or dance, etc. can put your brain in a trance and make it easier for you to control what your subconscious mind attracts.

But I also believe that fate comes in and plays a great part. No amount of affirmations or brain-washing can match against destiny. We do have SO MUCH MORE control than we realize, SO MUCH MORE power than we realize, but there will always be an influence above us — and we should never let our egos prevent us from realizing that.

When faced with a positive influence, you will still receive it even with a negative mindset — but you won’t receive it fully, you might only get a taste, or you might actually ruin it completely.

The opposite is true: when faced with a negative influence, you will still receive it while you’re in a positive mindset — but you have more power to transform this into something more beneficial and constructive, you can learn and grow from it, it won’t impact you as harshly.

And there really is no such thing as “positive” or “negative,” but a high vibration (lightness) or a low vibration (heaviness.) Sometimes heaviness is necessary, just as lightness can be useless. This physical plane we are all residing on is extremely heavy — that doesn’t mean that life itself is negative, we still have so many reasons for living. Fear and anxiety can be a “good” thing, it can be thrilling and exciting. Looking back on your scars, whether internal (like a broken heart) or external (like cuts, bruises, etc.) can be a “good” thing, as it shows how brave you were for surviving.

But to avoid confusion, I’m equating “positive” with “lightness” or “high vibration.” Because naturally, we do crave positivity and all the pleasure that comes with it. Although “negativity” / “heaviness” can be just as beneficial in its own way, it’s generally something we try to avoid. And I think most of us already have too much of it anyway!

Now getting back to my point, if you’re looking for positivity, you should create it yourself — watch the universe bounce it back to you — and continue the spiraling effect.

You can wait around for destiny to come in. But you don’t know fate’s true plans. You don’t know if your big break is right around the corner, or not for a very, very long time. And even if something great comes towards you tomorrow, you will never be able to fully embrace it with a negative mindset.

So what you have to do is change your mindset, or “raise your vibration.”

If you tell the universe “I want a new car” in a low vibration, then you’ll get that new car, but you’ll get it the hard way — your old car suddenly breaks down, you have to rely on someone/something else for transportation, you’re forced to buy a new car with whatever you have in your bank account, requiring you to take out loans and plunge into debt — there you go, you got your new car! But you also got all the stress that comes with it!

If you tell the universe “I want a new car” in a high vibration, then you’ll get that new car the easier, more pleasurable way. You happen to stumble upon an amazing deal that lets you trade in your old car for a brand new, much better car — all while saving the money — maybe you even make extra money through this deal!

I used “new car” as a simple example, but I’d like to add that focusing on manifesting internal things, such as love and happiness, brings much greater rewards than material items or social acceptance. But the choice is yours!

There are so many ways to make the conscious choice to raise your vibration and ask the universe to bring you better things. It all has to do with focus focusing on recent accomplishments, focusing on what makes you happy, focusing on loving yourself, and so on…

Don’t wait around for someone or something else to switch your focus. Make that choice on your own. Because it all starts with YOU!


5 thoughts on “Wish Wednesday ~ it starts with YOU!

  1. I love the way you put this, that we have both destiny and an ability to manifest our beliefs! It’s especially worth noting that putting out a positive vibe can soften those negative influences and give us more power of choice when encountering them. That sounds worth it to me! 😄

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