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Tiny update :)

Hi everyone. Just wanted to write another little freestyle post. I haven’t been posting much as usual, last month I only published 4 posts, and just 6 in March. I recently burnt myself out. At the start of spring, there’s always this burst of energy that comes through after a long period of cold and slow winter days, and what seems to happen is that we take this energy and run with it instead of continuing to pace ourselves. I think this happens to almost everyone. Winter is a beautiful reminder to slow down, and then spring comes and everyone wants to anxiously rush ahead into summer. In my area, there’s been a random wave of frost, which has actually helped me realize I’ve been moving too fast.

I’ve been working on something that will hopefully be finished by summer, I don’t want too say to much about it right now, but hopefully you’ll find out soon!! Alongside, I’ve also been working hard on my Crystal Aura blog that you should definitely check out! It has free horoscopes, numerology, tarot videos, and more — and also links to my Etsy store which offers personalized readings.

I keep feeling like there is a long list of things I’d like to accomplish, but there is never enough time in the day, or enough energy in me. I realize that it all comes down to what we prioritize. Slowing down is how you accomplish more because you’re not burning yourself out. I’m feeling very disorganized like my energy has been spread too thin. For a while I was so focused on expanding “Crystal Aura” but now I feel like it’s time to let it level out and then again in the future I can work more on expansion.

And I’m thinking of “Lotus Laura” and where do I want to take this and go from here. I do want to expand this blog, gain traffic, find more money making opportunities. I have so many ideas but I haven’t had that energy or spark to fully act on it. What I would like to focus more on is health, wellness, and spirituality — so health on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. I think what’s going to bring me more energy is finding my passion and harnessing it, like an urgency to share an important message with the world. Passion brings so much effortless energy, but we fear passion because it also makes us more vulnerable to conflict and feeling hurt by those who disagree with us. But I’m deciding to push past that fear and keep on moving forward.

It was specifically last fall, I was thinking hard about what is my purpose in life, what do I want to contribute to the world that fulfills me. This is a question we tend to push to the side as we get older, especially when the reality of paying your bills and keeping up with a million different things at once sinks in. But if I’m not living with purpose, I’m instead running on empty, just loading up on caffeine and trying to make it through the day, and I can’t live like that. So I laid down and meditated for two hours straight and I opened my eyes and thought about how sick the world is, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, and beyond that, spiritually. We have the power of plant medicine and music and exercise and all these other amazing gifts of the world that we ignore and continue to become sicker. And so, I want to be a healer.

I could continue ranting but I’m going to leave it at that!


13 thoughts on “Tiny update :)

  1. I agree when you talked about how slowing down is a lot more effective than burning yourself out. I burnt myself out by trying to take on too much in the past, which never worked out! Thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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  2. Yes, to be a healer is a wonderful thing 🙏🏻 I’m currently in the health care field and it’s honestly a bit… discouraging. They push medications which is not what I’m about. However, I try to heal through other ways like touch, voice, therapeutic words of encouragement. I wanted to focus on neutraceuticals instead of pharmaceuticals, in a perfect world. 🙇‍♀️ I had to over…. trying to find balance here but it’s hard.

    Same… I haven’t had much motivation to write or post new content. There’s either no time, I’m working, or I’m too exhausted to write a blog post. Lately, I haven’t been feeling super motivated or lively. It could be related to the pandemic as well, as I feel like many ppl are dealing with pandemic fatigue as well.

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    1. Thank you!! Wow, I can definitely see that! I think pharms can be necessary in extreme cases, but are definitely overdosed when there are so many other beneficial options. And yeah, although I’m probably fixating too hard on numbers and quantity, what I feel more bad about is when I forget to respond to other bloggers or I miss out on their posts. I was thinking about the pandemic too and how many people seem very depressed — also super anxious to move forward. I feel like people are on edge even moreso than usual and there’s so many clashing opinions about something we still know so little about. When we pause and slow down, through finding patience, is when we gain the strength and motivation.

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      1. I’m basically a legal drug dealer….I don’t particularly like that part of my job but it’s only a sliver of what I do. The hospital does allow vitamins/mineral supplements too if patients request them, but the options are limited. Lately, I’ve been focusing more on the communication aspects and building trust with patients. That gives me more of a sense of purpose than pushing drugs. I also give narcotics and it’s not something I would personally want to take myself. It’s true that ppl do become addicted to them.

        The one thing that keeps me going during this pandemic is that I also do contact tracing related to COVID-19. I often wonder if I’m even making a dent though, and whether people are even listening to me/taking my advice. Being in health care gives me a sense of purpose even though I don’t necessarily agree with all of it.

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      2. Communication is definitely impactful so that’s good you focus on that aspect. Even if people don’t listen or understand at first, at least you are “planting seeds” by giving them something to think about. People are generally stubborn so messages don’t always come through but I do think people remember things that were said to them and overtime people learn to open their minds and take advice. I can see how it’s a frustrating field to be in but I bet you help much more than you realize! Again it’s like planting a seed in that you don’t see instant results but when you step back and look at the big picture you know that you were a key component.

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  3. It’s amazing how quickly burnout can sneak up on us. One minute we’re full of ideas and the only challenge is keeping up with ourselves, and then the next, things grind to a halt and we have to wait whether we want to or not. Perhaps right now is a moment to pause and recollect, though I hope you find the spark you need to start a new roll when you need it. 💖

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