Don’t sweat Jupiter retrograde! (July 28 – Nov 23, 2022)

Jupiter goes retrograde once a year, for approximately four months from summer to fall. Exact dates vary per year. This year, Jupiter goes retrograde from July 28 to November 23, 2022.

When a planet turns retrograde, it can bring out the more negative traits of that planet. However, Jupiter is such a lucky planet, that even during retrograde it still brings fortune.

Retrogrades can be thought of as a planet “going to sleep” or “going away on vacation.” It has less influence over us, as well as less control and order over the universe. Here are some examples — when Mercury, the planet of communication goes retrograde, there is a tendency for misunderstandings and technological failures; when Saturn, the planet of rules and structure goes retrograde, there is a feeling of chaos and disorganization.

However, of all the planetary retrogrades, Jupiter is the last one that you need to sweat. Of course you should never feel stressed about a retrograde, although you should be aware of it and prepare yourself for a few bumps in the road — but retrogrades are necessary and serve important purposes.

All planetary retrogrades turn our attention inwards rather than outwards. And so, retrogrades may be more difficult for those who struggle with their own thoughts, and much easier for those who are naturally in touch with their emotions. One more thing to be aware of with retrogrades is the sense of time moving backwards, and so you could find yourself gravitating to projects or ideas that you previously scrapped, or there could be people from your past returning back to you.

Here are some things you can expect…

  • Slower results, cooling the pace: Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so in retrograde, you may not see instant results that you are hoping for. Instead of creating something new, it would be more beneficial to go back to a previous project or idea that you forgot about, and build from there. You may realize that you gave up too quickly on something that simply needed more time to naturally evolve.
  • Boundaries and limitations: Jupiter is very much “more, more, more,” so retrograde is an ideal period to put your foot down and express when you’ve had enough. Maybe you’ve been overindulging yourself — overspending, overeating, too much alcohol or substance abuse, etc. Or maybe you’ve been saying “yes” to too many people, too many opportunities — not allowing yourself to ever rest! At this time, you will find it easier to say “no!”
  • Inner revelations: Jupiter is a highly extroverted planet, so its retrograde is the perfect time to turn inwards and face thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have been suppressing from yourself for too long. The planet also acts as a spiritual authority figure, so instead of turning to priests or gurus for advice, right now you should follow your own path.
  • Rethinking “right vs. wrong”: Jupiter relates to high morals and doing the right thing. It’s not that retrograde will cause you to act immorally, but it may push you to rethink your sense of right verses wrong. This can be extremely beneficial. For example, you could have grown up with parents or teachers who taught you that you should feel guilty about things that are actually harmless. At this time, you could break away from a toxic belief system that was preventing you from true growth.

Overall, you can see that Jupiter retrograde is nothing to fear — actually, it can be extremely rewarding!

The planet of marriage: According to superstition, it is not ideal to get married during a Jupiter retrograde, as the planet rules marriage and a wedding at this time can act as a bad omen. (But remember that this is just superstition, so take it with a grain of salt!) It is also said that if Jupiter retrograde is in your birth chart, this predicts that marriage will be delayed and you will likely get married later in life.

Shadow period: Jupiter began its “shadow period” on May 4, so you may have been feeling the affects already at this time, but not as strongly. After Jupiter turns direct in late November, the shadow period will last until February with some lingering affects.

Going direct: After retrograde ends in late November, Jupiter will “turn direct.” This is going to amplify all of the qualities of Jupiter — including luck, wealth, and major expansion. So, in the meantime, prepare yourself for something very exciting to happen!


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