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I tried “Soul Drops” — Legal Microdosing

Microdosing is a term coined by the psychedelic community that involves ingestion at a minuscule dosage, producing extremely subtle yet beneficial effects. It is the opposite of “macro-dosing,” or the “normal dose.” It would be equivalent to taking a sip of coffee rather than drinking the whole cup.

Most psychedelic plants or substances (lab-made extracts that mimic sacred plants) are illegal, but in recent years, it has come to light that these previously deemed dangerous drugs can actually be miraculously healing — when used responsibly. For example, the past two decades have shown increased recognition of the benefits cannabis has to offer for cancer patients, and those who suffer from many other illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, IBS, autism, anxiety disorders, anorexia, PTSD, and much more. And the past few years have shown promising research on therapeutic uses of MDMA and psilocybin.

History of sacred plant medicine

Psychedelic plants (known as “sacred plant medicine”) have been used by ancient societies since the dawn of age, through shamanism and religious practices. They were once used with great respect and responsibility, typically involving a Shaman doctor, designated to guide their “patients” on a safe, spiritual journey. While most indigenous societies continued this tradition, with colonization came the suppression of plant medicine within so-called “modernized” societies.

Looking at the big picture, the 1910s were actually not too long ago — right when cannabis slowly began becoming banned. In the late 1930s, the famous Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman accidentally discovered LSD, an extremely powerful, psychedelic chemical. It was also around this time that he was exposed to “magic mushrooms” and successfully synthesized the similarly extremely powerful, psychedelic chemical, psilocybin. Hoffman had great plans for these substances, involving clinical trials and studies, propelling man’s better understanding of the nature of reality and self. (He would go on to live to 102-years old!)

First seriously discussed in scientific articles during the 40s and 50s, these substances would eventually reach the mainstream and go on to be abused throughout the 1960s as “party drugs.” No longer seen as sacred medicine with great healing potential, the public’s perception of psychedelics reached a fearful and disrespectful viewpoint. And by 1970, they were banned and falsely classified as having “no medical value.”

To this day, the bulk of the mainstream is still uneducated about the healing power of psychedelics. However, change is coming, and scientific proof will eventually debunk these myths.

Macro vs. micro

When taken in large doses, psychedelics can be overwhelmingly powerful. In some cases, this uncomfortable experience can lead to lifelong trauma. It’s nothing to mess around with. It can cause impairment to the point that the user forgets what reality is, or loses the entire concept of reality. In some cases, hallucinations can be so severe that the user is incapable of doing anything except for laying down, because they do not know what time or space is. And so, knowing this, you can see why those who underestimate these substances as merely a “party drug” do face dangerous consequences.

When used in a religious setting, such as shamanism, the experience is said to be a spiritual journey. As religion relates to the belief system of what lies beyond reality, you can begin to comprehend how these substances help propel one’s search of God, the afterlife, and so on. Some say the experience is similar to lucid dreaming, and some have claimed to talk to spirit guides who told them words of divine knowledge. Today, Ayahuasca churches and Peru retreats provide ceremonies where groups can have these religious experiences in a safe environment.

However, when taken in extremely minuscule doses, psychedelics will not cause any type of hallucination whatsoever. Alongside, it does not cause any type of impairment either. Actually — in contrary — microdoses actually improve awareness, wakefulness, and intellect. While large doses or “macro-dosing” can be risky, microdosing ensures safety for the user.

Microdosing is the new trend that has spread among the psychedelic community, most commonly involving LSD or psilocybin. While some of these substances are decriminalized in parts of the world, most of them currently remain illegal, at least in most of the US states.

What are “Soul drops”?

Recently, I discovered “soul drops” — a 100% legal and safe way to microdose plant medicine!

Made with traditional healing plants, this special microdosing option empowers self-healing and performance optimization. SOUL DROPS uses traditional healing technology that has been used safely and effectively for thousands of years to enable people to reach a deeper level of health. Our herbal elixirs allow you to power up physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. With only a few drops per day, SOUL DROPS can empower your self-healing and optimization. Our clients report that they feel healthier, positive, energetic, emotionally balanced, focused, creative, inspired, calm, relaxed, intuitive, and grounded.

Soul drops

The first one I tried is called “SOL”


  • Spring water — mainly diluted with water because it uses such tiny amount of plant.
  • Opuntia cactus — aka “prickly pear”
  • elemi — a tree native to the Philippines
  • ajmoda — vegetable
  • madhura — leaf

“SOL” claims to promote “yang” or “masculine” energy, providing motivation, emotional balance, and connectedness. The description to me did not seem too specific — what I interpreted from this is that I would hopefully get a natural energy boost from this, and maybe also sooth my anxiety.

As recommended, I consumed 1 dropped at the beginning of my day. Throughout the day, I definitely noticed a shift — but it was subtle. It did not give me the type of “high” you get from caffeine, I still had to drink tea to keep myself awake, but I did feel a subtle boost that prevented me from burning out the way I normally do by afternoon.

An interesting and unexpected side effect was the “connectedness” I felt. It was this subtle sense of belonging that psychedelics are said to induce. It’s essentially the perfect cure for FOMO — like I wasn’t missing out on anything, like I could take my time and do my own thing without feeling like there was somewhere else I needed to be. It’s a little tricky to explain this feeling. Ultimately, it was very helpful in easing my anxiety.

Next, I tried “COSMOS”


  • Spring water
  • abuelo sanango — tree known as “grandfather spirit”
  • vilcacora — a woody vine found in the tropical jungles of South and Central America, “cat’s claw”
  • taheebo — tree bark
  • wild rue — woody underground root-stock

“COSMOS” claims to promote creativity, inspiration, and lucid dreams. It is recommended to take either during the day or right before bed — I took my first dropper during the evening, around 5pm.

While “SOL” seemed to have no taste (it’s mainly water!), “COSMOS” on the other hand had a slight bitter taste — nothing off-putting, but somewhat more noticeable. “COSMOS” was also subtle, yet noticeable — seemingly a bit more noticeable than “SOL.”

My anxiety also lessoned with this one. I didn’t feel sleepy or sedated at all. It wasn’t so much of an energy boost, but a motivation boost that empowered me to make healthier choices. I was more compelled that night to indulge in self-care with a warm bath and homemade golden milk.

Falling asleep around 10pm, I was feeling super cozy and relaxed. That night, I had many vivid dreams. They weren’t lucid, they were pretty fuzzy, but I still recalled much more than I usually do.

Soul Drops also offer “LUN” and the temporarily discontinued “MIND.” I would love to try the other two someday. For now, I’m really content with Soul Drops. I was very skeptical beforehand, but I can assure you that these are worth trying! If you suffer from anxiety, most especially FOMO, then this could be your cure!


13 thoughts on “I tried “Soul Drops” — Legal Microdosing

      1. I misspelled I guess…What Iโ€™ve tried are Flower Essences โ˜บ๏ธ The most common ones are Bach Flower Essences, but Iโ€™ve passed that and moved to the planetary, animal, spirit flower essences.

        I guess I should now dig deeper into researching yours and you can look up mine โ˜บ๏ธ
        But yours sound even more spiritual, which I would love to try ๐Ÿค Thanks for sharing!

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      2. Oh that is so cool!!! I haven’t heard of this but from a quick Google search I am already super intrigued now! Definitely going to be digging into this! ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ˜ป Wow, planetary and animal and spirit flower essences sounds like something I need to look up as well. Thanks for the recommendations! And yes, you should also totally look into soul drops! ๐ŸŒฟโœจ

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      3. Yaay! We got win-win here, haha!
        I love learning about new stuff ๐Ÿค—
        And if you want, I could connect you with a โ€˜healerโ€™ who got me into planetary, animal…Flower essences, if you wish to learn more ๐Ÿค

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes please, that would be awesome! โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ And wow, I agree with you 100% — love learning new things just as much as I love sharing new things! Especially related to spirituality & the natural world! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

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