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Flower Essences ~ Pomegranate

And so begins a new series on flower essences! Thanks to Black Rabbit Tea Lady for bringing “flower essences” to my attention — something I have just recently learned about and continue to educate myself on. So as a way of spreading the knowledge, and also teaching myself at the same time, I’m going to post about specific flower essences and their benefits.

My information comes from the book “Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing” by Gurudas, and any additional sources will also be credited.

Flower essences are made by soaking flower in a bowl/jar in the sunlight (or moonlight if applicable) — creating a “mother essence” that is then diluted with brandy for preservation. The tincture can be used internally (small amounts in frequent doses) or externally (such as in a bath.) It’s also best, when creating these, to add prayer, visualization, and positive intentions. Through this method, the vibrational healing powers of the flower are harnessed. Yet, a lab test will show no physical trace of the flower.

Pomegranate (Punica Granatum)

I am starting with pomegranate flowers because the pomegranate is a distinct symbol of Goddess Persephone. In her myth, the fruit symbolizes the undying connection between her and Hades. These red flowers are native to Western Asia.

Root chakra

Pomegranate flowers can heal your root chakra, which helps with feeling grounded and secure. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with survival instincts and all things primal.

Symptoms of a blocked root chakra includes anxiety, fight-or-flight response, insecurity, lethargy, digestive issues, and more. An unblocked root chakra leads to increased energy, confidence, bravery, awareness, and calmness.

Divine feminine

Pomegranate flowers are strongly connected to the divine feminine. Therefore, women can strongly benefit from its use. However, it is not limited to women. Anyone who feels out of touch with their divine feminine qualities can reap these rewards.

For women, pomegranate can help you accept your womanly traits. It can assist with pregnancy, childbirth, PMS, menstruation regularity, UTIs, libido, and fertility. It has even been claimed that the power of pomegranate flowers can cause a women to conceive sextuplets!

If you are a woman who grew up with pressure to be “one of the boys,” if you were taught that your emotions and sensitivity should be masked, if you were conditioned to equate feminine qualities with weakness, then pomegranate flower essence can help cure these childhood wounds. Alongside, it can help if you feel intimidated, uncomfortable, or passionless at attracting masculine energy.

If you are a man who has issues respecting women, if you have toxic masculinity, if you are completely numb to your feelings and emotions, if you are completely blocked from your intuition, or if you lacked love as a child, then this will help.

Increased communication between cells

Pomegranate flower essence is said to increase communication between cells. Due to conditions such as psychotropic drug abuse, diabetes and insulin issues, sclerosis, and dementia, boundaries of communication between cells weaken. And so, this essence can help fix or prevent these issues.

Vitamins & menstruation

Pomegranate flower essences assist in assimilating vitamin E, iron, and zinc. Most especially, the iron is strengthened during menstruation, providing more stamina for a woman who is bleeding. And so, pomegranate flower essence is most powerfully used during menstruation.

Goddess: Persephone, Aphrodite, and Venus

As mentioned before, Persephone is strongly connected to the pomegranate fruit. In her myth, the pomegranate fruit, or the seeds in particular, is given to her by Hades who keeps her bound to him forever — while her mother tries to keep them apart. And so, pomegranate flower essence can be used in a love spell to strengthen the bond between lovers.

Aphrodite (Greek) or Venus (Roman) are both the goddess of love. Astrologically speaking, if you have a lot of Venus energy (Taurus or Libra) prominent in your chart, then you may be extra sensitive to these energies.

*Disclaimer: this is not approved by FDA or claimed to cure or prevent disease. Please consult your doctor for serious health issues.*


12 thoughts on “Flower Essences ~ Pomegranate

  1. I wonder why this flower essence isn’t talked about much if it has so many benefits. Another plant that helps with menstrual cramps and fertility is raspberry leaf tea. I swear by that stuff.

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    1. Ohhh I’ve heard that about the raspberry tea! I’m totally using that for my next cycle, I bought some a while ago! And seriously, I had the same exact thoughts as I was learning about this. I was like, this HAS to be shared with everyone!!! Most especially those who menstruate! For whatever reason, the power of herbs, flowers, and plants etc seems to be suppressed from the masses.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Raspberry leaf tea has also done wonders for fertility I noticed, because it’s good at regulating the menstrual cycle! My cycles were predictable and regular. It also helped with cramps.

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    1. I have just recently purchased a few of them (through Etsy) and really enjoy so far. It’s a lot harder to find them than I thought it would be. I wanted to purchase the Bach original kit that lets you costumize premade flower essences, but they are all over $200 or $300 plus $50+ shipping. Honestly might invest one day. The creation process from flowers sounds pretty simple but I don’t have a balcony or backyard so I would have to use window sunlight, which I’m not sure would be as effective. Sorry for the ramble haha but eventually one day I’ll do something.

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