Do Things Differently…

I would not mind living a life that many people could not understand.

If you are happy, and no one gets hurt, the details of your choices shouldn’t matter.

But not everyone thinks that way. Many people have strict ideas in their head about how the world is supposed to be.

Personally, I would simply like to see a world without suffering. Doesn’t matter if that is possible or not, it’s something that most of us want to see.

Yet so many people are hung up on the details. Their minds are too small to step back and look at the big picture.

So many people think they know what’s best. And they all think “the same” is what’s best.

“The same” is something you can rely on, something you are completely familiar with. But that does not necessarily mean it’s any better. In fact, maybe it’s worse.

Different is unknown, and the unknown is scary. So we hide behind our judgment in fear.

Many of us would rather live mundane lives, always knowing what to expect. It makes you feel safer.

To do everything the same way as everyone else, is to avoid responsibility.

When things don’t work out, you can blame society.

You can pretend that you had no other options.

Instead, take charge of your life. Realize you can make your own choices. And embrace that.

Do things differently, and don’t worry what people will say…

Different may be a little scarier at first… but…

Different is better than “the same.”

Different is what brings you more challenges and helps you grow.

Different is what forces you to take ownership and be proud of yourself.

Different is what brings diversity and new ideas into this world, shakes things up, prevents energy from getting stiff and dull, propels our evolution forward.

So embrace different.

Tell the world that you are different.

Tell the world that they may not always understand your lifestyle, but you don’t care.

What we should be caring about is making sure everyone is free, following their hearts, being their true selves.

What matters is that no one gets hurt. No one feels ashamed or embarrassed.

Do things differently.

Break barriers.

Shatter glass ceilings.

Destroy stereotypes.

Shock everyone.

Do the unexpected.

Take the road less traveled.

It’s better.


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