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Throwback Thursday ~ Ocean Grove

I am very bummed about Ocean Grove being cancelled this year. OG has always been my favorite vacation. I have never missed a year at OG… NEVER! Not since before I was born! So this is super upsetting. But I can look back on all the amazing memories…

This was a special vacation for me because… life is full of drama… life is full of people who are petty, who gossip, who will try to humiliate you, who will try to tare you down… all because of their own insecurities and misery. Sometimes you find yourself surrounded by people who want to kick you as hard as they can just to let out their own frustrations that have nothing to do with you. Being around family for the week at a beautiful beach was my yearly reminder that there is more to life than pettiness. I have my family and I have nature — and they love me, and that will always be enough! OG reminds me that I am worthy. OG teaches me that when it comes to drama, just let it go and breathe.


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