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Horoscope: April 2021

Welcome to your personal horoscope for April 2021! The general overview discusses how this month will be for everyone, while the zodiac signs show what specifically applies to you. Check your sun, moon, and rising signs, or whatever sign is most prominent in your chart. For strictly love matters, check your Venus. General overview WithContinue reading “Horoscope: April 2021”

Tarot Report: What does your next relationship look like?

This is a *SINGLE’S ONLY* tarot reading for what your next relationship is going to be like. This report describes the overall energy, the chemistry, what you’ll do together, and what your future partner is like. Pick a card… Pile 1 (pink candle) Pile 2 (red candle) Pile 3 (blue candle) Pile 4 (black candle)Continue reading “Tarot Report: What does your next relationship look like?”


I’m going to be discontinuing generalized weekly horoscopes! This way I can focus more on the monthly personals (and pets!) I did make a mistake on March’s horoscopes. The new moon is actually in Pisces, not Aries!!! Whoops!!! Hopefully I do better on next month’s! I’m working on adding more reports/readings on my Etsy shop…Continue reading “Updates”

In addition

Monthly horoscopes should be applicable to moon sign as well — sun, rising, and moon.


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