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QUIZ ~ What’s my spirit animal?

Your spirit animal is the cat!

Now, let’s find out exactly what type of cat your spirit animal is. Read the following questions and take note of your answers:

  1. How social are you, on a scale of 1-10?
  • (A) 9-10: I have a very active social life and really enjoy being with my closest friends.
  • (B) 7-8: I’m independent but still like to be the center of attention.
  • (C) 5-6: I reach out without hesitation, if I’m interested.
  • (D) 3-4: I prefer small groups or one-on-one.
  • (E) 1-2: I’m social when I need to be.
  • (F) 0: there’s no such thing as “too much alone-time.”

2. What makes you happy?

  • (A) Hanging out with my best buddies.
  • (B) Trying new things and proving people wrong.
  • (C) Being active and getting a rush of endorphins.
  • (D) Simple things, just being silly and using my imagination.
  • (E) Using my wits to solve problems.
  • (F) Exploring the world on my own.

3. What’s your idea of fun?

  • (A) Putting on a show and making people laugh at my silliness.
  • (B) Shocking everyone.
  • (C) Pursuing my dreams.
  • (D) Pulling pranks.
  • (E) Puzzle games.
  • (F) Being alone and doing what I want without anyone’s judgement.

4. What do you have a particular interest in?

  • (A) Drama, theater, film, and music.
  • (B) Nightlife.
  • (C) Traveling the world.
  • (D) Alien abduction documentaries.
  • (E) Murder mysteries.
  • (F) Daydreaming.

5. What’s your clothing style?

  • (A) I like to wear bold things that get me noticed but nothing too flashy.
  • (B) I wear whatever I want, whether people like it or not.
  • (C) Sportswear.
  • (D) Cute & kawaii.
  • (E) A lot of black.
  • (F) Practical.

6. Pick a quote:

  • (A) “Lions don’t lose sleep over opinions of sheep.”
  • (B) “Cat got your tongue?”
  • (C) “Meow or never.”
  • (D) “Home is where your cat is.”
  • (E) “What’s new, pussycat?”
  • (F) “Never trust a person who doesn’t like cats.”

7. What are your strongest attributes?

  • (A) Courage, strength, and bravery. I’m confident because I know I’m imperfect, and that’s what makes me unique.
  • (B) Power, intuition, and capability. I’m skilled at getting what I want because I don’t let fear of judgement stop me.
  • (C) Ambition, energy, and motivation. I go after what I want without ever doubting myself.
  • (D) Imagination, creativity, and playfulness. I see everything as a game, and that’s how I win!
  • (E) Cleverness, depth, and awareness. I am impossible to fool, always one step ahead of everyone.
  • (F) Sensitivity, wonder, and thoughtfulness. My mind is an amazing thing and enriches my life.

8. How do you deal with challenges?

  • (A) I may go to my closest friends for advice, or I’ll make jokes and try to cheer others up as a distraction from my own pain.
  • (B) I take control of the situation.
  • (C) I face conflict head-on. I go directly after what I want until I exhaust myself.
  • (D) If threatened, I will impulsively attack! Then I will run away and cool down.
  • (E) Whenever I have a problem, I go inside my head and analyze the situation until I have an answer.
  • (F) I hide away from the world and focus on myself, focus on things that make me happy.

9. How do you see your “role” in life?

  • (A) I am the class clown. I wear a brave mask to hide my fears. I’m always trying to keep things light and positive.
  • (B) I am the empress. I am comfortable with my power, sensuality — and know exactly how to use it.
  • (C) I am the all-star. Everyone sees how accomplished I am and how much I have.
  • (D) I am the child. I like to be silly and free of responsibility. I may be rebellious but still appreciate being in someone’s care.
  • (E) I am the detective. I am attracted to all things mysterious and forbidden.
  • (F) I am the zen master. I travel alone and have much wisdom, yet still have so much to learn.

10. What are your vulnerabilities?

  • (A) I am such a great actor that no one believes how sensitive I really am and how deeply I actually care. People assume I’m made of brick.
  • (B) My emotions are so strong that they can get in the way. As much as I try not to care what people think, it can be difficult.
  • (C) I am terribly impatient. When I want something, I lose complete focus of everything else. Sometimes I make a fool of myself chasing after something.
  • (D) I have a strange perception and see things differently than anyone else. People sometimes see me as paranoid, delusional, or childish.
  • (E) I am so deep in my head that sometimes I get lost inside of there are miss out on opportunities. I shy away from novelty because I’m terrified of the unknown.
  • (F) I have a really hard time letting people in because they tend to be hurtful and selfish. Sometimes I see the worst in others just to protect myself.

Ready? Answer key below!


  • Mostly A’s = Lion
  • Mostly B’s = Cougar
  • Mostly C’s = Cheetah
  • Mostly D’s = Housecat
  • Mostly E’s = Leopard
  • Mostly F’s = Tiger

CLICK HERE to look at the description of your results!


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