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QUIZ ~ What’s my spirit animal?

Your spirit animal is reptile!

Now, let’s find out exactly what type of reptile your spirit animal is. Read the following statements below and take note of which ones apply:

  1. Do you believe in yourself?
  • (A) I believe I can do anything I set my mind to.
  • (B) Once in a while I get a spurt of trust in myself.
  • (C) I am sure of myself yet still aware of the hardships of life.
  • (D) I tend to underestimate myself and lack confidence.

2. What is your preferred method of socializing?

  • (A) I don’t like it; but if I have to, I have a very sharp tongue.
  • (B) I like to be active and do things with people rather than sit and chat.
  • (C) I like to tell people my stories; I have a lot of experience and wisdom to share.
  • (D) I like talking, but I’m a better listener.

3. What is your level of intelligence?

  • (A) I’m smart and know a lot of facts.
  • (B) I’m emotionally intelligent.
  • (C) I’m more “street smart” than “book smart.”
  • (D) I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

4. How do you experience soul growth?

  • (A) I go through the process of death and rebirth by embracing conflict, which is the only way I can shed my skin and leave my old ways behind, therefore creating a brand new version of myself.
  • (B) I explore my emotions but also keep them balanced by remaining grounded.
  • (C) I feel that I have already experienced so much that now I’m content with just relaxing and being thankful for how far I’ve come.
  • (D) I roll with the punches and accept whatever life is teaching me without resistance; I’m completely open to change.

5. How do others see you?

  • (A) People are very intimidated of me and tend to keep their distance; I come off as cold and sometimes heartless. But my true friends know how much I care.
  • (B) People seem to like me for the most part. They see me as balanced and easy to get along with.
  • (C) I have a warm and relaxed energy that makes people feel blissful to be around me; I always know how to cheer people up and make them feel good.
  • (D) Everyone thinks I’m super chill; people are amazed at my ability to adapt to any changes. I never look lost of out of place.

6. What’s your strategy?

  • (A) Knowledge is power.
  • (B) Keep my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.
  • (C) Take things slow because patience brings great rewards.
  • (D) Work with your resources.

Ready? Answer key below!



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